little italy + guggenheim


had a nice lunch in little italy
went to the guggenheim another day, definitely disappointing, would not recommend at all

MoMA photo spill


MoMA was great, even though it was crowded the Friday that I went, it was still fantastic.
There was a lot of good modern art and bullshit modern art.

Like the completely white canvas, which I did take a picture of…

I have a huugeee headache / life crisis so I am just resizing photos as to feel productive =_= anyways, in due time

* = denotes my favorite works

this is a huge photo post so everything’s under the cut


stuff that i got in new york


yay shopping post!

i definitely could have shopped more, but since i was spending a lot of money that wasn’t my own (that i’ll eventually pay back) and the lack of luggage space, i really didn’t go all out…

12 pack sharpie is an impulse buy at Staples one day that I was feeling extra bad about myself x_x I
I got a new eyeliner, Stila all day lasting something, though that’s all the make up that I bought, kind of wished that I bought more.
Two silver plated skulls and tote bag from this store called Evolution in Soho, really cool store!

I got the small size and the large size…. the chain is my own.

Gold clog sandals from Loeffler Randall, that I got at their sample sale..!!! and Sam Edelman sandals from Bloomingdales~~ thanks for giving me 10% because I’m from out of town.

APC winter jacket at the APC warehouse sale. I think I really don’t know that much about APC as a brand. Because this is actually the only thing that I really wanted from the warehouse sale at least. There was so much madras stuff which I didn’t really like. I like their sweaters and outerwear a LOT but their cute tiny floral graphic shirts were not really it for me. But they had excellent guys selection…

Then I spend a gazillion hours at Uniqlo.
This is the Uniqlo x Undercover (UU) easy jacket for Men, but i love it, their women’s collection was very house wife… ..very very very house wife.

the UU hoodie….. with two large pockets, also for guys, meh.

Love it so much that I got two more (also super cheap…because it was on sale)

More haul from Uniqlo. I had a jeans dilemma there. I was determined to buy a new pair of black skinny jeans. I hit up rag & bone and the usual places. But lately I am just not that confident in myself as to put down at least $200 for a pair of jeans anymore. Probably because i’m currently and STILL unemployed. I ended up getting a pair of shiny rag & bone at barneys becauseeee it’s shiny (looks like leather) and it was only about $150… and it ended up collecting lint like crazy, that’s my biggest fear with black jeans. So I ended up returning them ;_; but got these instead (on the very last day), the uniqlo legging pants, these actually look like real pants with real pockets. Sometimes when the pant is too tight they just sew the pockets shut..but these are REAL pockets! and such a good price… the fit is great too.

this cute oversized sweater (or is it b/c it’s XL?) that I got at the GANT warehouse sale. I don’t even know what GANT is, but I can’t just walk by a sample sale and not go in…. anyways i love it, simple but unique

Shopping in New York is amazing! There is no sales tax for items under $110. There are so many great brands from all over the world and the best part, the SAMPLE SALES! There are so many great ones coming up that i’ll be missing which makes me sad which I won’t think about at all…
But if you’re hitting up new york, check out this website for all your up to date sample sale and shopping information.

brooklyn museum – keith haring exhibit


I never even knew this museum existed until I saw an ad in the subway for the keith haring exhibit. And upon arrival, yeah it’s pretty empty…..

This museum is by donation and has about five levels of art and artifacts, though i would come here for the art rather than the artifacts. In the grand hall, the Russian painters really exhibited a sort of grandness in their paintings about snow and oceans. There is or was an exhibition about Rodin or a sculptor that had something to do with Rodin, i don’t actually remember, sorry.

The museum is also right next to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, so if you’re strapped for time, you can definitely do both of these in the same day. There are restaurants near by but I didn’t get a chance to eat near there.

There is FREEEE!!! wi-fi at this museum!!!!! There are also QR codes everywhere that would directly lead you to a corresponding wiki website. There’s a tumblr called Pictures of people scanning QR codes. And i know what you must be thinking, well just go there and you’ll get it…

I am very systematic about museum visits because I would hate to miss a gallery or exhibition because i was sloppy about it. But i went straight up for the Keith Haring exhibit first and then winded downstairs for each successive floor. The first time that I came in contact with his art work was four years ago in Japan at a Uniqlo because they were selling UT graphic shirts in collaboration with Keith Haring as well as another artist that has a name that starts with a B, who is French..i think.

The exhibition isn’t very big but it felt complete. There were videos of Haring doing his large scale drawings. He did them fast with music in the background, and probably without much thought, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all.

There was this room that you could draw your own….

This is one, the rabbit one, oh yeah not very creative i’m sorry.

I really enjoyed the Brooklyn Museum, it is especially peaceful and quiet compared to the more famous ones like MoMA or the MET. So you could actually view things slowly and quietly.

empire state building


so i’m back from new york! aw i miss it i must say, i didn’t expect that it would feel so different. i must say compared to new york, vancouver is all about natural beauty and space. there’s no space in new york, but the energy is so much greater.

but it’s one hell of an expensive place to live… but none the less i think i definitely will move there someday, at the moment it seems impossible but it must be…

i got some free tickets from my roommates of a few days. they couldn’t use it so they passed it on to me. I got to visit the empire state building for freeee ^_^

korea town is a few blocks away from the empire state building and i got something warm for my stomach that morning

went alone so i have to take a mirror photo~~

if you’ve never been to the top of the empire state building then hells yeah you should go but going more than once is completely pointless… it’s so…. touristy but that could be expected i think.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden


This is definitely not one of those more popular and well known tourist attractions but it should definitely be on the map! It costs a bit of money to get in but it’s free on Tuesdays and since today is the last Tuesday that I’ll be in New York I decided that I had to go! In rain or shine..and it rained….

it was actually really really beautiful in the rain. I saw a lot of couples walking around and it really set the mood in the rose garden! Ahh, nice nice <3

here's a video that I took....

you can really hear the rain come down and yeah it came down pretty hard…

the rain really got to me a few times especially when i tried to take photos, i really need to get my lens cleaned properly soon.

they aren’t really in any sort of order…so enjoy them as they are? i think i took a lot more photos but i think it would be quite an over kill to upload them all. and yes i did photoshop we’re literally looking through the world with rose-colored glasses huh?