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Hotpot, un, deux, trois


that’s francais for 1,2,3, ooh la la

i ate hotpot 3 times in the past 19 days, once in beijing, once in hong kong and once in nanjing..will probably eat it two more times before i leave….


my cousin brought me here, it’s suppose to be very legit szechuan style hotpot, it’s not too spicy but the tomato soup base is definitely one of the best i’ve ever had..

yeahhh, it’s fairly badass, i think i will go to their other location in nanjing fairly soon! there’s also a guy who dances for noodles. it’s hard to explain and i was too shy to take pictures..

hong kong

my other cousin took me to this hotpot joint in hong kong on my first night

my dad recommended the place, the soup base is suppose to be one of a kind and it’s definitely different than what i’ve seen. it consists of lamb chops stewed with vegetables and other chinese twigs and what not. the lamb was the best at this location although the dining experience can always be considered too intense, TOO INTENSE. my throat hurts everyday, i’m fairly sure it’s because of the amount of lamb i’ve been eating…

my dipping sauce, it’s mostly rotten tofu

that’s one bad ass soup BASE

and the after photo…

went here, ate this


finally, a blog entry of todays events…

always interesting to see what’s inside a durian jackfruit, as everyone pointed out

stinky tofu: had some in hong kong as well, a bit different due to the sauce

i dont know how to explain this but it tastes good..so that’s enough

you can buy one of those red things and then make a wish and throw it on the tree…

dragons everrywheereee…

touristy-ing it up in the place i grew up

haha, chinese police carts, real chinese police cars are slightly more robuts looking, i said slightly

lamb on a stick, everything should be eaten on a stick

of course i bought cacti, for le apartment, it’s very fitting because my mom won’t let me buy a rabbit or a turtle..

also bought shoes, but of course

**that took forever to upload because my flash uploader is giving me some IO error and i’m too lazy to figure it out on this POS internet..so, browser upload wins.

Defacing public property


currently in nanjing (南京 ) in my familys newly renovated and smells like paint and new furniture apartment, in which im pretty heavily allergic to, but it’s getting better i think….

i just came from beijing last night and was in hong kong the night before. i have a lot of pictures to post! but alas i dont know where to start….

so here are some random and exciting (not to mention extremely recently) pictures.

didnt get a chance to deface too many public properties, but this was on the airport express from beijing international airport… will probably be ripped off the next day.

i wish i could debunk the impression that china is dirty, unfortunately it’s true, but it’s just mud, mud is good…. Beijing was pretty clean, and Hong Kong was crowded but not that dirty. But this is the state of my shoes after getting breakfast, since it poured like mad last night, there’s mud everywhere now. loook at my converseeeee….

probably the only large purchase i made in hong kong..

and yeah, of course, it’s me.

here are some things that have been keeping me sane….: Season 1 of Community on my ipod, my camera, my pop music playlist filled with Beyonce and Lady Gaga, coca-cola and this random Chinese channel that just loops Korean dramas all day long.

hopefully there will be a lot of new posts coming your way! hopefully..

p.s. it’s true, twitter doesnt work in china, NOR does VIMEO! Which i don’t understand, China definitely needs more good design