dog and cat pictures


made a compilation of all the animals that i saw on my trip
look at that chow chow!!!!! heart heart heart heart

you would think that i would see cats more..but nope

snapshots from nanjing 2


photo dump!

there are a few photos from ms. blurrycam so, i’m sorry

eat eat eat, i don’t know what else we do there other than eating. this is my first time trying individual pot..for hot pot. i don’t know if i like it more or not. this particular place is more Cantonese style so i was kind of confused as it didn’t have many sauces that i had wanted.

went to a temple, it’s a thing that i do, i like going there. i forgot what it’s called :x

there is a beautiful park right behind the temple, it’s really nice. a beautiful lake too, and look a tree is trying to give birth to a rock!?

i didn’t edit the purple, it actually looks like that. i can’t wait to make friends there and get drunk on the boats, you know that’s a good idea…

snapshots from nanjing 1


a large large LARGE post

was waiting to cross the street, when i saw this gentleman with his birdcage, walking with a birdcage is a distinctive beijing (northern china) thing to do, guess not

as i’ve said, i’ve expressed a gaining, and it’s gaining great speed, interest in small antiques. so decided to hit up the antiques market. you can’t buy stuff here, you just can’t, they could tell with one glance what kind of a buyer you are. also they don’t have anything really good ever. but it’s important to understand the market…or something like it. It’s similar to beijing’s antique market (the curio city) but on a much much smaller scale

whatchu lookin’ at?

and we’re back here, see the post i made last year about this location didn’t change much, more food stalls which is always a plus

where i got my rilakkuma phone case, it was really hard to find cases for my phone everyone has an iphone4! haha, man if i had an iphone i’d have 10000 cases just because there’s literally that many to chose from.

ate a lot of the same things as last year

the night is always young, nobody goes home, seriously

late night musings – nanjing edition


hmmm 10:41 AM vancouver time, 1:41 AM Nanjing time….

i realized something!

(my dad picked out the print of the couch cushions you see above me…else, roses? hell no)

in grade 9 or 10, i can’t recall. my school (well the class that i was in) went on a trip to strathcona to camp and whatnot.
our camp counselors were these hardcore hippies, like seriously HARDCORE

and the first rule was: no complaining
because, we had to, a bunch of under-exercised academically (somewhat) overachievers, climb up a mountain, while carrying ALL the supplies that we needed (food, tents, pots and pans etc) up the mountain, build a tarp, sleep on rocks, climb back down (i fell in a ditch on the way down), row a canoe across a lake, get bitten by 10000x mosquitoes, set up the same tarp again, then hike back to camp grounds…

man, those were some hard days…

but, in hindsight, even though i have very few real memories of that trip, it was good….

everything in my life, in hindsight, is good.
everything in my life, in the present, is bad.
everything in my life, in the future, is promising, almost too promising. as if i really really depended my life on whatever WILL happen and not whatever IS happening.

right now is bad
lamenting for the past, and praying for the future.

but right now is most important? it’s one of those things that i know well in theory but poorly in practice…

pulling this quote from The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Sometimes he burst out laughing out of nowhere, for no reason. He was experimenting cautiously with the idea of being happy, dipping an uncertain toe into those intoxicatingly carbonated waters. It wasn’t something he’d had much practice at. It was just too fucking funny. He was going to learn magic! He was either the greatest genius of all time or the biggest idiot.

fantasy is not my genre, the reason that I became fascinated with this book was because Quentin had to learn, that there is no greener grass, and for better or for worse, right now is right now, take it or leave it.

um, i have the power to be happy?
i have the power to not complain about shit 24/7

tomorrow, i vow to actively complain less! yes!

and to end the post less pretentiously….

i miss this shop so bad….

ok, good night, i missed breakfast a week in a row, gonna get hell if i wake up at 11 am again…haha

i hope this charged up feeling that i have right now will carry on through to the rest of my life….?



went back to haidilao they have the most amazing tomato soup base..omfg ..drooling

it’s more expensive than other hot pot places but a lot cleaner and service is always excellent, they provide aprons for its patrons which is always important…

i went to a couple of hotpot places last year too



I think this will be my LASTTTT China post :( I will go back to China and take more pictures? I’m not doing much else with my life anyway…

This is a restaurant that’s called 大排档 (Da pai Dang – Chinese pinyin that really doesn’t help anyone). It’s suppose to be modeled after the real 大排档 in the olden days, where it’s kind of like an outdoor square and you can order food from various vendors and…? I don’t know really.. I’ll just link a wikipedia article. Okay this is the Hong Kong version but basically the same idea, except this is from the super olden days of china when all the men had long braids, like in those period dramas though I don’t think anyone watches Period dramas here…

anyways, lots of food p0rn, it’s more expensive here than the actual food stalls, so if you want actual local food that’s exactly the same but tastes better you have to go find them on the streets, which is thrilling and frightening at the same time. But yeah, it’s a great place to take your foreign friends to if you’re ever in town, but lots of locals too :D