kyoto (3)


the last of

if you’ve known me since 4 years ago then you’ve seen variations of the below photos, but still, it’s nice to look sometimes.

this is my favorite photo, caught by surprise right next to this tourist girl that looked slightly unhappy. i love how differently we are dressed, a real contrast….

i call this area, the rurouni kenshin place… i felt like the story would have gone down in a place like this..

and this is..what i call the slightly orange but mostly red temple…

until next time !

Kyoto (2)


finally left the rain that was Kinkakuji and we are headed towards Kawaramachi!

the weather doesn’t give a shit about your vacation

moar temple pics, of course

random shops that are not happy when you take pics…but of course, only I was embarrassed…

one piece merch everywhere

korean food! and the kyoto tower! where is this restaurant you ask? i THINK it’s at Osaka station…somewhere in a mall, possibly level 11

kyoto (1)


morning rush

there is a “ramen street” at the kyoto JR station. I think it’s on the 7th or 11th floor. If you find a guide to the department store it’s easy to find. When we got there, it was too early and a lot of the shops werent open yet. I think the ‘street’ itself opens really early but shops remain closed until 11 am. So hang out and decide what you want to eat! I hate using the ticket vending machine….i just want to order…food…

what we ended up having….



first day in osaka~~~

don’t get it, it’s not that good..

getting takoyaki from the SOURCE! the stand moved like 200m down from where it was last time i was there.

i think i look alright here so i’m showing this picture. i love this omurice place! it’s a really reasonably price too. i think two set meals were under 1000yen. really useless directions but it’s RIGHT next to H&M

grocery haul!!! i live on this vitamin C stuff cause i was sick the first day there.

then the typhoon hit…

not a lot but enough


i don’t know what to title this post
but i thought i should make this post since i have to move soon, sigh, it sucks when stuff like that just springs on you

just some stuff i got in china / japan

+ lots of socks! i really am starting to appreciate socks on a whole new level now

two new phone cases!
really cute coin purse that DOES its job and get you the coins you need at the time that you need
lots of pens from LoFT
new sony earbuds cause i broke the chord on the train
socks from tutuanna
TOMS! i got ’em because they have this pull string on the back esp since i have really small feet
a pair of shoes from 内联升 SINCE 1853! it’s a beijing trademark brand, they are so comfortable and the price is so reasonable for such an old brand.

slightly scratchy sweater from some market
uniqlo white oxford + grey sweater that i was forced to buy in kyoto because the typhoon destroyed my cardigan
cdg play stripey shirt !
room wear polkadots + stars pants from uniqlo~~ so comfortable and cute, i dont care i wear them outside

a totebag from the bape pirate store (twas a present….), very dirty because i used it everyday
porter bag that has a galaxy print, gah so awesome..
one new rilakkuma bear, the other one is from 3 years ago though i bought maybe 7 bears this time as gifts…

we met again


posting a few pictures from when i visited my boss! at their shop.
about 3 years ago, i lived in japan for a bit less than 3 months. and i worked at a shop called Kushitaro

i had a blog at that time too but i lost the archives..and the pics? it’s somewhere on my facebook..i should try to get those back…

i washed dishes there and had so much fun
it was so nostalgic to visit again
i got to see my old boss + mama-san, two old customers, and one of my old coworkers ….

i should’ve said something before i visited ….and not just show up like that .__.

we’ll meet again

i really recommend their grill shop, so good!!! and not just cause i used to work there

everyone said my japanese got significantly worse lololol…