I saw this movie on the weekend and it was really good. It was funny, poignant and beautifully shot. The soundtrack is also ass kicking.

The title of the movie means to be popular romantically. And basically for our protagonist, it means to get to sleep with a lot of girls, although he only really interacts with two girls in the whole movie. The main character, Yukiyo, starts off in the movie completely down on his luck. He’s job-less, girlfriend-less and leads a pretty shit life. He decides to change his life for the better and get a job and perhaps the rest will follow.

He meets Nagasawa Masami’s character, Miyuki, on twitter and he falls for her very hard, even though he later finds out that she has a live-in boyfriend. Yukiyo also meets Miyuki’s friend, Rumiko, and Rumiko falls for Yukiyo hard but he doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings.

In short, it is a romantic comedy, although the ending is pretty unrealistic and kind of ruins all of his character building. Because to be honest, the way it ends is kind of impossible…


two awesome gifs after the cut too.




there was this random tin tin scene from season 21 episode 10 of the simpsons

im pretty excited for the film…i haven’t even seen the trailer yet…

Some Boys Dont Leave


short film (16′) starring Jesse and some woman that can’t appreciate his worth!

I wish Jesse was my hall mate…


also the movie is really good, a metaphor something…probably…

i also made GIANT versions of the gifs: gif 1 gif 2 gif 3

Only Yesterday


what a bad blogger i am.
but honestly i have nothing to blog about
i dont even have like a really interesting and or crazy internet persona

so i made some screeencaps of this Studio Ghibli movie that i saw a while back called ONLY YESTERDAY

I read this article / interview with Miyazaki and this one had not much to do with Hayao Miyazaki, if anything to do with him. Anyways..

I really enjoyed it, it’s so innocent! but i think the point of the movie was that, life really does move on, the small things that happen throughout your life should also be treated as much. the heroine/protagonist goes on vacation to a farm to work and play, but all the while she can’t get her mind off of her 10 year old self. And the film recounts adventures in her present life (not much) and some of the more significant things that happened to her when she was 10.

i think a lot of grownups disregard children’s problems as just a child’s problem. well, when you are a child, it’s a big problem, to the child, it’s as big as the IRS after your ass or something. (I don’t even know what the tax bureau in canada is called…)

This film was made in 1991 but it’s so visually stunning! Compared to recent films it’s simple, but man, it looks damn good.

not very good since the background was gradient..


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i send my stuff out to print because i refuse to buy anymore cartridge. i think most of the student loans they gave me went into buying cartridge. i have a laZER printer but it’s like…kind of paper jamming kind.

i have a draft 2 ready for anyone that wants it
if you already have draft 1 but haven’t started it and want a better version then let me know

in the new draft, almost ALL tense mistakes have been fixed (i finally decided on a tense, PAST was the way to go). It’s longer.. like 6000 words longer. I don’t know where it came from honestly because i didn’t “attempt” to add anything. technical details that were pointed out by the reviewers have been fixed (to my discretion).

Awkward sentences have been addressed, somewhat.

there is one scene that im thinking about just cutting but i’ll have to see…

and yay gif-making!



(i wanted to write something about this film, but i really couldn’t think of anything to say that would suffice. This is another ghibli film that was simpler, but, simple is never bad. Also, the…… scenery is breathtaking)

oh yeah, one thing though, the sound was probably the best thing about it. im watching this movie very late so i have my headphones on. Because arrietty is so small everything sounds loud to her, the shuffling of a shirt, rain drops, everything is so ground shaking, because for her, well it is. from that perspective, it’s so well done.

another thing that i liked is arrietty’s family’s house is built from things of humans, small things, their walls are decorated with stamps and you could actually figure out from what they built it from. And the water, whenever arrietty’s mother made tea, you could see the way the water dropped, because of hydrogen bonds they stick together like that, and it was so evident in the film. It’s not water pouring, it’s water dripping, and because it’s in such a small format, it has to be like that. i thought that was so good.

sorry, too many screencaps, but i couldn’t help it.

^ i think this is the best gif i’ve ever made