last of beijing 2011! till next time!

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taking the bus like a pro…!

i went there last year (photos)

there are a bunch of really cool stores but you cant take photos in them! well you could, you just gota really ninja it. like i did, hence it came out blurry


beijing: night scenes


beijing – the front door


this place is called 前门 which literally translates to the front door. it’s a fantastic place to eat and shop, mostly with traditional very very ancient stores that sells tea pots, tea, hats, peking duck (ORIGINAL PEKING DUCK but it’s not the super duper expensive place, this is the less fancy but lunch-type place), shoes, scissors, and i think there’s a place that you can watch traditional comedy shows.

my aunt took us here but we got lost and these are the pics that i took while getting lost!

this guy is someone that stands outside the shops and attracts customers by relaying off rhymes with two half pieces of bamboo that creates a rhythm. the original beatboxer kkkz?

i rarely put stuff under the cut but this post is gonna be huggeeee so:
if you ever visit beijing this place is very tourist friendly, it’s very clean and it’s not super crowded so it’s not bad. it’s expensive though because the brands are very old and hence charge an arm and a leg for stuff but comparatively to european shops it’s really nothing. there is an amazing hat shop that charges about 500 RMB for a really good hat, less than $80 and the price varies too of course


dog and cat pictures


made a compilation of all the animals that i saw on my trip
look at that chow chow!!!!! heart heart heart heart

you would think that i would see cats more..but nope

forbidden palace 2


i don’t like to give a lot of advice because i don’t have a lot of advice to give, but if you are planning to visit the Forbidden Palace at any given point in your life, you MUST NOT eat at the restaurant there. It is disgusting, please bring your own food, be really full before you go in. You can buy drinks and stuff there but for god’s sake bring your own food.

forbidden palace -one


in doubt, so i will blog

long ass post about the forbidden palace. it’s the most tourist destination of tourist destinations. it’s like the Louvre in Paris or the MET in New york.

uh, you might not know this about me, but sometimes i could be pretty cultured. COULD BE are the key words here. i’ve picked up a few hobbies while being in beijing, one of the most ancient cities in the world, naturally one should be infected with the air of old..things?

im a big fan of ceramic wares, and old ceramic wares go for millions of US dollars especially if they were once in the palace. Most of the wares in the Forbidden Palace are REPLICAS, which is extremely disappointing but understandable. i’ve also become obsessed with this TV show in china where people bring their ancestral things and highly trained specialists in their field come to judge whether it is a real piece or a fake one (as in is it a replica, modern? a replica from the various dynasties, was it from the palace or was it a commoner’s object?) I AM SO OBSESSED with it, i am even willing to go to 2nd hand markets so i can find really awesome wares. it’s basically antiques roadshow but chinese version and i freaking love it.

i am not trying to make money from this because no one ever makes money in this kind of thing unless you seriously know what you are doing and then it’s hard to say.

sky is so blue! beijing’s campaign against pollution is going pretty well, tourists everywhere, as expected

a ticket is 60RMB a guide map is 5, english and chinese explanations, it’s VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE THE MAP

here i am, just woke up, looking slightly disoriented, and perhaps pissed, i can’t remember

some cat that lives there, what a lucky cat

majestic, lots of lions near by. the left one is female and has a baby lion under its paw the right one is male and has a ball under his paw. if you look anywhere in the palace all of the pairs of lions were made that way…

these large pots are for holding water so that if there’s a fire, stuff don’t burn as quite quickly…yes..

these doors are very pretty, but the bolts make it easier to get on the roof and flip over, non?