acne f/w 13 hi i love you

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yesterday i went to holt (canada’s ..only high end clothing department store?) and I saw the ACNE merci leather jacket. I remember seeing the exact same jacket in a non-shiny leather last year for the exact same price…and here we are again. I ended up trying it on…

and then putting it back because it’s $1600


they only had size 2 and a size 6..the 2 fit but it was obvious that i couldn’t wear anything but a t-shirt underneath it. it’s a beautiful jacket but it’s way too expensive for what it is. but it’s nice to know that they’ll keep making similar cuts so when i eventually might be able to afford it, they’ll still keep on making it…

besides this jacket, i think the shearling jacket is no.1 on my wishlist


it’s beautiful and it looks warm too! i just wonder if it’ll be heavy



it’s not that i know a lot about fashion or designers but for me personally, ACNE never seems to be disappointing with their denim, sweaters and outerwear. i’m not much of a “tops” person. I don’t really ever look at a fluttery top and think it’s very pretty. t-shirts and an occasional button up are my mainstay, so work around that, i like to find the best fitting outerwear and denim.

I hope ACNE will keep on making the velocite pretty~~~

photos from LA GARCONNE

perfecto !


i have a black leather jacket (read: genuine leather) from zara that i got a few years ago. It’s still serving me well but the elbows are worn out (not in a good way) and missing quite a few pull tabs because they simply broke. I definitely don’t NEED new leather I’m older now and I need to upgrade.

Here are some that i’m eternally lusting after

by Acne. I think they made so many different leather jackets and i want them all. There’s one with this ridiculous shearling collar and i’m like no but im sure it’s removable.


this balenciaga perfecto that alexa wears around town. I’ve pretty much never seen another photo of this jacket that’s not on her. Weird huh? but rep that pebbled leather!!! I personally hate the belt that comes with the jackets but this one seems rigid enough that it’ll work



SCHOTT NYC’s LAMBSKIN PERFECTO FOR LADIES! this is my next jacket. reasonably priced with punk legacy, what could be better … take me there now…. <3_<3 :3 :blush


never thought i’d say this but shearling



the Acne Veolcite Jacket is a dream, a holy-grail of winter jackets for me
it’s sold out and kinda, definitely out of my price range

but someday one day….

(pointless blog post brought to you by the fact that I now have PS at work, thanks winnieeeeyyy)

end of an era


i went to a warehouse sale yesterday, the aritizia warehouse sale….! i hate warehouse sales because my god, what is going on? and i can never find anything good EVER! im not super patient and you really have to be there for like half the day.
i went with my friend who left for T.O. yesterday, sad sad.

i got one dress, one pair of jeans, one hat, and one top, dress and shirt you’ll see sometime later..probably haha

i scored these Acne jeans for $40!!!!! i dont have anything that’s a perfect light blue wash, so i was very excited. It’s kinda awkward because the zipper is at the back but i think i’ll get used to it…

and this super cute hat :D

my webcam is super low quality, probably shoots in like VGA or something..but anyways…

the dress is SO PRETTY TOO! the whole point of having a nice dress is the element of surprise when you wear it. sadly i dont have anywhere to wear it to…

anyways, i’m leaving next week..

i’m technically on vacation from monday from my job, that’s what i told them..well today probably will be my last shift FOREVER. I don’t care what i’m doing in the future but i cannot work for them any longer. i cannot believe that i’ve been at this crappy job for five years. the job just kept on getting worse!

i didn’t even want to go to today’s shift but you know what, i’m some what responsible and i don’t want to be someone like that so i will go to my shift.

well i guess what really describes my state is this song by Bishop Allen called Middle Management

the end is near! the end better be near…