2010 in Review


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One date to another


Do you have any things that you do to really tell yourself that the new year has come, and that we must leave the past?

I’ll be working on New Year’s eve and New Year’s day but that’s really fine with me, I’m sure I’ll party on sometime next week.

I don’t know about you but I have never felt more excited about a new year. I know it might be superstitious on my part to think that changing the numbers of 2010 to 2011 will have any sort of an effect on me. Or that all the horoscopes that I’ve read about the coming year will really ring true, but none the less, it’s sometimes just the state of the mind.

Like my friend reminded me the other day, Dont Worry about getting a tattoo, the pain is only in your head. I could only blink back and say, alright..

But DEC 31st 2010 I will ring in the new year by doing this:


Thousands of unread entries in my google reader will disappear.

It’s Dec 30th right now, I’m at home, just having ate a bagel, and in almost a panick-stricken state, i’m trying to go through as much as possible, I had plans of going outside, since I haven’t for 2 days now, I think I’ll pass for now. The winter air displeases me.

(Also, future you that reads PROP, don’t hate me for showing you stuff from 2010 kk :D)

There’s also an entry scheduled for actual New Year’s day where I’ll be at work, that one’s much more depressing, and fitting of my personality, I think it’s all this fresh creme cheese that I’ve been eating… that’s been making me extra giddy.