You don’t need a god to believe in “plans”.

I don’t know why I’m listening to so much music from my early teens….
maybe because I need some guidance ..maybe I have spotify premium *shrug*


personality is everything


I watched two fashion documentaries back to back.

First, dior & I

Raf Simons is the newly appointed creative director at the house of Dior. It was his first time doing haute couture, and not to mention, for women. This documentary documents his process from beginning to end where he only has 8 weeks to make a whole collection.

and Second, Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton.

the two designers are incredibly famous and successful in the industry. They both have legions of fans and have reached commercial and critical success with their collections. But it goes to show that despite their similarity in success, their methods are incredibly different. Of course, Marc Jacobs is a free-for-all, and sort of a maximalist where as Raf is a definite minimalist, not only in his designs, but also in his life and working style.

IT was really interesting to watch the differences between the two designers. If you work in the creative field and if you’re a newcomer like me, you’ll realize that there are a lot of techniques, and lifestyles which would lead to the best sort of work. There are books dedicated to it, seminars about it, Ted talks about it but really there is no right way. You can work in any way that you want as long as it works for you and as long as the work that you do is interesting and enjoyable.

I loved both of the documentaries! highly recommended!

And Marc Jacobs said, “fashion and important should never be used in the same sentence,” same goes for adve..rtising.

John and I have the same chair

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Possibly the best thing I’ll watch all week.

A Brief History of John Baldessari from Supermarché: Henry & Rel on Vimeo.

narrated by Tom Waits. UGH TOM WAITS! I LOVE YOU TOM WAITS.

I’m on the verge of crying every five minutes. Don’t know why.


Is my life an art house movie waiting to be written?

I’m wearing a black polka dotted linen button up so yeah it is.

early mornings are cool

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My Jetlag is pretty much resolved. But I find myself leaning towards mornings rather than night time. I haven’t had an urge to hang out with people at night yet. But I’m sure that’ll come later.
I woke up around 6 am today and I am just waiting the 30 minutes left until Pearl Bakery (204 ft away according to Google) opens at 8 am.

I want to share photos from my Tokyo.Beijing.Nanjing trip! And you know I would not have taken the time to share if they don’t now make it so damn easy. After backing up my photos on google drive, google will automatically make a “story” for you, that is time stamped and geo tracked!

Which sounds kind of creepy at first but ACTUALLY VERY HANDY!

So you can see my entire Asia trip chronologically ordered and geo-located (although inaccurate at times) HERE

In other news I think I’ll sign up for CAR2GO. We have this service in Vancouver but I never needed it. I don’t really need it now. the furtherest place I really need to go to is Trader Joes (a 20 minute walk but carrying food back would be annoying) but it’ll be fun to drive around portland in a smartcar.

So far I’m having a great time in Portland. I haven’t done much and having been to the area twice before makes it a lot easier to navigate.

Even if things dont’ pan out as I hope, i think I would still have had a great summer!

serious questions


I’ve started!
I’ve made it!
I was in Japan for a while then in China for a while and now I am in Portland for a while. I like how everything I do is merely for a while even though I hate that. I like being very stable yet lately I am very unstable.

I wanted to write a long and very serious post about China – my thoughts on it. But I kind of forgot about them… the really good points that I was going to make. I was thinking about it seriously and hard on the plane while being on benadryl and watching It’s a Hard Day’s Night (Air Canada, Classic movies)

But I had a good time in China despite the fact it was heavily polluted. I had a good time in Japan of course, but I was exhausted every day, since I was a bit sick then a bit jet lagged.

Now I am trying to adjust myself to my new work environment. I am trying to be cool but not too cool, approachable but not desperate, sensitive but not gross, etc. finding a balance between these things will be difficult.


I’m not good at inviting myself to stuff and I’m not good at introducing myself to people and the whole making friends ahhh so difficult.

So I am sitting at my desk, chilling until further notice (which is going to be soon I think)

It’s good, because I’m very jetlagged. Did you hear that? I’ll say it again. I’m jet lagged. I HATE IT SO MUCH so I keep talking about it.

Later I think I’ll walk to this stationary store that I like and buy this notebook that I wanted the other day but had to carry a lot of chipotle so I didn’t get a chance to buy.

I want to work on personal projects again. Yeah.

Next steps

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A miracle happened!
I got a placement!

I obtained a great opportunity with a great agency in Portland! DREAM CITY! DREAM AGENCY!

I am very happy but I was also very sad. I didn’t know where this sadness stems from.

Yesterday was recruiter session, and the day before.

I tried to talk as little about the work as possible. Some people asked, some people didn’t.

I kept repeating one thing to recruiters…

People who are often sad or upset are in fact the most optimistic. Because they have expectations, of people, of place, of things.

I think that’s me in a nutshell.

I expect what I shouldn’t be expecting.


I’ll cry a lot in the upcoming days. I’ll be justified by my tears but soon I’ll forget why I wanted to cry so hard for. I want to cry for the place, but the place was not kind to me, I want to cry for the people, but I know they will soon move on.

The only thing left to cry for is the time, the time was well spent.