sigh and do nothing



My boyfriend Lok Him Fung is having his FIRST solo show in Vancouver at a tattoo parlor!

It’s in Vancouver so you’ll have to be there I guess, but you can buy his art through the powers of the internet!!!

There’s no official flier for the show yet but there is a facebook invite!

The next show, when we make it, will be called Chill & do nothingĀ 



I’ve been listening to melanie martinez’s new album all day yesterday and probably today.

Also there’s a super cute japanese music video of Pharrell’s Happy, featuring nigo and all his BFFs!

I don’t know if you guys were worried when he had to sell off A bathing Ape but I was a little bit! but now he’s doing all sorts of creative stuff! I can’t wait when I am at a comfortable enough place financially to do that.

2 videos of today


and Lana del rey’s new video

If you’re going to only watch one, watch the trump one.

Happy Victims


Ah I’m obsessed with this book!
It’s called Happy Victims, a photo book published in 2008 in Japan about those that are obsessed with fashion and spend their entire salaries on it.

It’s so damn good. I want to buy a copy of it but I can’t confirm a shipping address for myself right now..
a Kind soul called Erik took photos of some of the pages and uploaded them on tumblr! With the english description typed up from the book.

I’m pretty obsessed with looking inside people’s homes. I mean architectural digest or whatever is nice but I really hate interior magazines in the west, it’s too perfect. It’s nothing that you could aspire too…well magazines in general are not helpful in real life. Whenever I am in Japan I always buy a ton of casa brutus or interior books because I love to look at them! And the tips are always helpful for my real life. I also think they’re extremely livable and attainable…where as seeing a celebrity’s mansion is so uninspired.

When money is of no consequence, what’s the point?

Money is an incidental good…

Wow you can embed posts from tumblr directly!!!

Anyways, check this page out. I spent all morning reading everything in detail… and googling brands that I am not familiar with. A morning well spend, not according to my boss.



This weekend
I don’t have to work so I’ll try to make this Sweet Russian Cabbage soup
but the recipe asks for the impossible
like 2 table spoons of white vinegar
1/2 cup of sugar
I am in limbo
because I don’t have a home
They sell sugar in large packets
large packets like 1 kilogram of sugar
that’s like 2 pounds or something
in American
What will I do with
all this sugar
and vinegar
if I don’t stay?

Maybe I’ll just
take some sugar
from starbucks

they won’t miss this sugar
but i need this
for my
Sweet Russian Cabbage soup.

Corita Kent