the book’s here!





An actual title will give you high hopes

I received two copies of it yesterday! I am so excited that it turned out so well on such an affordable price! I haven’t decided if I wanted to make it for sale yet. I probably do. But it’s also a project for my portfolio….

But if you want to read it, the full book is available here. Edit: apparently you can’t make the book available for preview unless you plan to sell it and at the moment I can’t sell it. So I’ll put up a PDF later!

I want to make it available for sale but I don’t know how to price it and stuff like that! Also it is my dream to have one of my books published by a REAL publisher. Because I really want to go on a book tour (it’s like a musical tour minus the talent and the instruments). I know it’s very ambitious to dream like that but I hate not to …dream.


<3 I will definitely put up a link for sale on amazon when it gets to that stage (I say that because it’s an option available …)

Please share this with your friends (especially if you have publishing friends *__* ) if you enjoyed it! :D

all i know how to do is blog


I’ve always wanted to begin a sentence with “My psychiatrist said that…”

and it would follow with

“I need to stay away from mushrooms because it invokes bad memories from when I was seven.”
“you are toxic.”
“I need to only be around those that valued my talents.”
“All of you are bad for me but don’t take offense to that.”
“I am very talented and I’ll be successful.”
“as long as I apply myself there’s nothing that I can’t do.”
“I need to move to Paris.”

and so on…..

Lately everything feels weird, I have these very strange thoughts during the day but I sleep like a piglet at night. I only wake up once at 7 am exactly to use the rest room then I sleep until 8:15 and I struggle to get up but you know whatever I don’t work at a bureaucracy where you have to clock in and clock out. Luckily, we’re beyond that nonsense.

I am also trying to save money but since I eat out all the time it’s hard to do that. As long as I don’t buy clothes/shoes it’s not that hard to save money. Spending money on food is a necessity, since I see a total of zero peoples outside of work I should at least entertain myself with food…

That being said I really want Seo Kim’s Cat Person. It’s not that expensive but buying books while not living at home feels like a strain. But I still really want it :3

I’m going through a bit of a mental break. I don’t really do much everyday besides going to work and figuring out what to eat (which is difficult) and counting down the days until I get to go home. I am always like that, I complain about everything no matter where I am. I am sure I’ll say I’m bored when I go home but for once I don’t want to leave home.

I miss the feeling of familiarity.

The upsetting thing is that you aren’t doing well and you won’t know whether it will all pay off in the end? If it doesn’t I guess there’s nothing you could do and living everyday of your life feels like a bet.

I started using spotify at work, I am listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album ULTRAVIOLENCE and biggie and some band called London Grammar?The spotify ads are so bad it makes me wanna cringe. so I usually take my headphones off and put them back on when the ads are over….

radio is a difficult medium, I get it, but still, stop trying to make it be witty. The ads feel like they’re trying to force wit down your throat, like that one time my boyfriend said I’m not funny so I nagged him until he made me say I’m funny. It’s actually exactly like that, some cat food brand is trying to tell me that they’re funny but I just turn them off, unfortunately for my boyfriend, he can’t shut me off. Maybe the entire plot is to get you to subscribe to spotify?

Sorry that all of these posts are so non sequitur.

I want to try and start writing for myself again. I haven’t done that it’s bad to write for someone else. There’s a colleague who wrote a very difficult nonfiction book that required a lot of research (and is being published spring 2015, it’s not even available on amazon yet) while working at his post at the agency as a creative director. It’s a very impressive feat. My professor said that if you want to become a novelist or a poet or some holistic individual like that, save yourself for your own writing and don’t waste your creativity at work. If you go to the right place, you can write at work and write at home.

I am very lazy and I sleep so much so I find it hard to write after work. I am trying to think about how to keep myself actively writing, one good place would be on the train. As I am on the train a lot and I just waste time failing at the game 2048. Maybe I could post them somewhere so that it’s out in the open and not just something I can ignore…


I feel so uncreative!
It’s really something you can actually feel.


making mistakes



Before the internship season took off, this was what my prof had to say about it.


(not verbatim)

Just make a choice!
Seems like everyone, especially young people, are trying to make the most out of their time (as everyone should) but are over thinking every decision.

I did not make this mistake but!

Summer was either going to be at my current agency in NYC or at Rethink in Vancouver. While I would receive compensation at my current agency and Rethink would not pay at all (but I’d get to live at home), I ended up choosing the former because the prospects of living in the city excited me.


I found myself leaning towards new york and against Vancouver even though all I ever really want is to go home and relax.
I can tell you that it is not relaxing right now, it is not summer, it is not a vacation. That was to be expected but I also feel drawn out..

The city is a lonely place.

But it is what you make of it.
Make the most out of it.

Try your best!
Speed up, slow down, think too much, think too little,
forget it ever happened.

commute time

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It’s my Friday!
And my fourth day at work!
So much has happened!
Where does the time go!

I can’t believe how early I wake up now, 7:30 then I lounge until 7:49 then I rush and try to get to the bus stop by 8:11. Today I missed the 8:11 bus so I thought I had to walk the 25 minute trip to the subway but SOMeHOW another bus came and I didn’t have to walk.

I bought bubble tea and a piece of bread because eating in times square is expensive. I walked down to the tracks hoping to get on an express train and one was waiting for me! I got a seat, I sat the whole way through to times square and 42nd.

Today has been pretty good so far.

I ned to find the rhythm of the morning commute.

I need to load up my kindle with books again because although reading from an actual book is way nicer than on a screen, I just can’t be bothered to carry books everyday (also I have none, because of my temporary living situation though I did just buy Pnin)

I’m also trying to get some nice headphones with my first paycheck! I left my over the ear ones in Virginia and I think I’ll need good quality, comfortable headphones since I am listening to music a lot during the work day. ….

To the Bose Store! Or Amazon! or whatever!

Hope everyone is doing well.





my portfolio for copywriting

and one more time with an actual hyperlink!


I have nothing on it yet, but soon sooooonnn

school work lately (1)


i thought I’d post some cool fun stuff that I did at work that my prof threw aside.

We were encouraged to put our bad work on the wall to reflect on what’s bad about it or what about it didn’t work. these two assignments are what i made for my creative thinking class. it’s not that they were bad it’s that my prof didn’t bother to read it because he felt bored by the first line

this is my wall … :shock:


this is a comic i drew for class. the first line had to be “Ed, don’t leave me” and the last line had to be “I love you”


This is a love letter I wrote for class. I used song titles of various bands/artists to put together a poem. I really liked what I did here but alas it wasn’t interesting enough.