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the content on the wall keeps getting more diverse.


This was the most recently failure when I wrote it, even though i didn’t hate it. i kinda liked it but now looking at it, feels kind of douchey and pretentious.


i got new vans and rainboots because it rains pretty hard here! and i thought i’d need something actually water proof… and now that it stopped raining they seem pretty pointless.

but it’ll surely rain again

i keep buying stuff on the internet. I never realized this but someone pointed this out the other day. The only two places that I am ever at are the school, my apartment, and various eating places near by.

I lead a sad life in richmond virginia. this is why this school is here isn’t it?

It’s because so that we wont get distracted by all the exciting things that could be near by…

good thing that everybody here is so damn interesting.



I ended up getting some Fluevog Creepers on sale.


To be honest I didn’t even realize that such a shoe like a creeper existed. Maybe it’s because of NANA but the entire premise of what to wear while being a punk rock star is Vivienne Westwood and rocking shoes. Now that I think about it I am sure that creepers existed in the manga but that I didn’t pay much attention to it because the rocking shoes were so evident and were always worn by the main character. I really love these shoes, despite the fact that they are thick soled they are actually light. I just can’t wear them yet because my heel is so scratched up and it hurts to even wear sneakers now. I’ll wait..but hopefully I’ll get to wear these before I leave for school. Cause I doubt I’ll bring them with me :(

fresh air


I can’t believe it’s already July. It felt like it was just last week that I was let go from my job and received my acceptance letter to grad school.

I only have a bit over a month to go before I move to my new home in Virginia. Even though a lot of things are getting close to their final point there is still so much in the air. Like our apartment, sure we paid the deposit but we still haven’t signed the lease. Too many things need my care and attention and I can’t muster up the concentration for it lately.

I’ve also noticed that when I talk in large bursts I tend to stutter more than often. And I’d end up making a lot more mistakes then i mean to. It’s kind of strange. For example if I saw something that is blue and yellow, and I want to comment on what a nice blue that is, I’d end up saying yellow. I’ve been making a lot of mistakes and i’ve been spotting them too. I find myself tripping on words and phrases, and stuttering. I wonder what’s up?

I have a lot of self doubts about moving and one of them is just how few pairs of jeans do I need to get by on? Ha, kidding. i’m going to try to bring as few things as possible and try to live the minimal lifestyle I’ve always wanted. Sure I love all the things in my room right now, a lot of sentimental things, things you can’t possibly throw away but don’t really have time to pay attention to. It’d be nice to have a feeling of LESS and force yourself to work with what you have.

I am excited about going away to school……yet i only feel excited once in a while. I end up feeling more worried than excited. i don’t know why these worries are so obviously evident in my mind because things are going fairly smoothly.

So every time i feel anxiety I try to think about all the exciting and good things that’s to come. It helps, only a little bit, and it’s enough at times.


I also bought this wallet last week!!! I was eyeing the other plain black and white polka dot wallet at roden gray a few weeks back but I didn’t end up buying it after I calculated the tax in my head :ghost …. but ended up grabbing the last one of these at half off! good job me ^_^ .


I don’t like wallets that much because it’s too bulky to carry around, it often forces me to carry around a bag which I HATE doing. But I tend to be a lot more organized and serious when i am living somewhere unfamiliar. So this wallet will come in handy.


The best part is this coin pocket. It holds MANY coins (because that’s all I have) and it doesn’t even look bulky. <3_<3


Lately i’m also obsessed with watching the Voice of China (the voice but chinese edition) 2012. SO MANY GOOD SINGERS and so many classic songs and season 2 is gonna start in 10 days. I’m realllly excited <3 All the singers have a different style and want to do their style of music.

this is going to sound so lame, but what’s my writing style? And since I am going to ad school soon, what kind of ads will be mine own? I guess no one looks at an ad and thinks, wow that’s definitely a so and so, people look at paintings and think that, people hear music and think that, but no one looks at an ad and think that… It’s not a really respected profession is it? you push products to people….

but whatever, i think it’s more suitable for me. and even though i haven’t written a single word lately. I’ll try my best to keep writing….

i hope you enjoyed this blog post about coin pockets and a tiny existential crisis about writing styles :drool2



i shook with happiness for about 20 minutes yesterday because I managed to snag both pairs of the APC x NIKE shoes in my size. MY SIZE! HOW RARE! This is a blessing because I didn’t manage to get the Nylon x Nike ID Dunks. These are so much better and a lot more reasonably priced and say it with me… limited edition.

HUGE thanks to Leanne :3 for tweeting about these and thus letting me buy them at an immediate hour, because they sold out in almost every size a few hours later.


*does a jig*

I rarely get limited stuff :lovelove:

*does another jig*

Anyways i finally received them, many days later since this blog post and yay!? For sizing, Nike is usually pretty good about true to size-sizing. I found the dunks were a big narrow in the front so not as comfy as they should/could have been. But the airmax are great, at first a bit tight but with a single wear they are stretching out to fit me fine. I have tiny feet so it looks like i’m on stilts almost.

Anyways, absolutely love.



my boyfriend managed to get the dunks too so we’ll never ever wear these together ever! :dead: :heh

KW Helter Skelter!



ended up getting these Karen Walker Helter Skelter sunglasses! I worked over time on Good Friday and my overtime managed to pay for it ~phew! These are so much more feminine than my ray-bans! Yes, one step towards being a woman.

Sweatshirt : UNDEFEATED / Pants : Forever 21 / Sunglasses : Karen Walker


I didn’t shower so that’s why my hair looks like this. I’ve had bad hair my entire life so I guess I shouldn’t blame it on that ….. :/


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I didn’t know why to get my boyfriend for his birthday but he directed me to FSC Barber (he reads ESQUIRE… o_o )

Ended up getting a few things for him and one thing for me! Sadly they only ship within the US so there was a bit of trouble getting the package back, but I did.


He ended up getting the Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold Pomade, Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay, and this folding comb which I bit and left a tooth mark because it got stuck T__T

I got this absinthe wormwood body cream for myself.

I’ve only had absinthe once in my life and don’t remember anything special about it. Even though my friend insisted that it was from Poland, is Poland a major absinthe manufacturing country? This body lotion smells strange, it could be described as an old styled bath house. But the smell quickly fades and you’re left very well nourished hands or whatever other body part. I really like this product despite the strange smell.

For this one transaction, it was smooth and painless. I might end up ordering more, especially the Ursa Major line, it sounds very cool ok :hehe: