i want my name in balllooonss

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over winter break my boyfriend got me giant balloons in my name! It was a super lovely gift, also something that i thought could act as a cool personal image for my website/portfolio. We took a billion photos, and here are some that I like :D






big bad words


i think i had something really insightful to write but now that i’ve had dinner i can’t remember what it was….

it’s probably along the lines of….

For the longest time, a synonym for art (for me) was human emotion which often equated to sadness and suffering. I often equated art with really really raw human emotion. If it was fun and funny and interesting and happy, it was not art in my opinion. It would be considered entertainment.

Man, such a pretentious S.O.B.

After much soul-searching and scheduled depressions, I realized that art could be anything that makes you happy, or someone else happy. It could also be sad, insightful, silly, stupid ,sad, it could LITERALLY be anything.

I came to this conclusion not on my own of course. I heard two really good talks today. One by an ex-member of a band called Everything (hit single, Hooch). I’ve never heard of them till today…and a songwriter / CD at the Martin Agency.

I’ve approached my art (hahahaha, i meant mass produced corporate advertising) with a very serious face. We gotta be this way and we can’t be funny if we’re going to be funny goddamit it better have some kind of obscure author reference that no one will get except for me, who wrote it. I always approached advertising like that…even though it was nothing like that, and more like, oh man, this is very generic and not very good…

but, while playing within the lines, or on the lines, or a little bit outside of the lines, we can still create really good stuff, and that’s where it gets way harder than actually art.

Every time someone tries to preach to me about how advertising is art..I would just roll my eyes and say, whatever helps you sleep at night my friend. but really it is art because it is art that is consumed by the massed, approved by legal, approved by the client, approved by the PTA, approved by the firemen’s association, approved by a bajillion interest groups (potentially) and AFTER all that, is it still interesting??

Well, that’s all we’re striving for really…

today, i’m listening to a lot of Tegan and Sara and a little bit obsessed with my new stamps



it’s Jan 9th and I finally feel ready to face all that the year will bring..
also because I HAVE TO!
Since I have to fly back to school tomorrow.

new year’s resolutions are stupid because they are impossible to keep. I don’t have enough strength or will power to do any of it!

But this year, I have a few goals, not for self-improvement but for self-actualization…

as in

– find out where i’ll live
– buy a “car” ( this will depend highly on where I live )
– if the circumstances allow, get a dog (when I say dog, I mean a plant or a fish)
– try to exercise (not more, just at all)
– eat more greens, drink less coke
– notice less of what other people are doing (because it messes with my self-esteem)
– oh yeah, finish portfolio, graduate..

I’m graduating this year!

What do I think?

Well, the two years actually flew by….it feels just like yesterday I was leaving Vancouver begrudgingly.

but tomorrow i’ll be taking off for my last semester in richmond virginia! horray!

i hate flying.
i used to love flying but now i hate it because i am always flying alone and in ridiculous situations.

Fingers crossed for no delays tomorrow.

I (helped with, since I have no money of my own) booked a trip for my parents to taiwan. i’m jealous, wish i could go….

maybe ill go somewhere fun for spring break…

2014 in review

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what i really want to be is


it’s very respectable to use your brain everyday for your work but come on, we all want to be beautiful. I am not even that keen on the beauty part, i just want to be very tall and very skinny. The face evolves with the person, so the beauty within really shines through…but the height!!!!

I wish I were a few inches taller….

my birthday is coming up!
My prof recently told me that i look better, and that I am still young enough for changes to show after a summer. That made me sad for some reason…

The changes that I see in myself are reflected clearly in the way that I celebrate my birthday.

I used to want it to be a huge deal for everyone around me, as in, please give me attention…. but now things are different, it’s not exactly reflective but I think about what I can do for myself.
How can I be happier day to day?
What changes do I have to make in myself?

Things like that, then I order some crap off amazon for myself. haha…

I really wanted to blog about & Other Stories ‘s collection of handbags… because I think the price and range are within my grasp..

but then I think about it, it’s by H&M and having had experience with brands at this level, how good can it be?

I heard that the quality is disappointing…
photoshop, lighting, good models, and a steamer is all you need these days to make anything look high quality and expensive…

Internet is great, but sometimes you have to go to a real store to shop.

for yourself




Even though i don’t act like it, i’m a pushover. Especially in projects.


I will say no when it’s appropriate.
saying yes is easy

People expect you to say yes.
People expect you to be weak.

Well, no more.