wanting to blog a lot more again


i am very much obsessed with STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

I think she embodies the direction of style that I want to go into, fancy schmancy but at the same time focusing on comfort. I have always admired Alexa Chung’s style but let’s be honest, to have Alexa Chung’s style, you first must have Alexa Chung’s legs, and Alexa Chung’s face, and eyes and hair. So once you’ve got that set, go for it! So far what I’ve got is Alexa Chung’s birthday.

Not at all suggesting that Jayne Min (of SIRN) is not beautiful but I feel like I could look like that where as I can’t look like Alexa ever, need 3/4 of anglo-saxon.

I love the blog so much so much so that all I’ve done is go through her archives, without working even though I said I would…

In other news.

I’ve never officially said it on my blog but I have a boyfriend! YES! I know. I KNOW, this skinny boob-less boy-girl got a boyfriend.

He’s a painter and he works at a gallery though he describes it as manual labour. The first time I told my friend about him she said, oh so.. walls? .. he paints paintings. I’d link to his blog but I’m feeling shy all of a sudden. Though he did get featured in a magazine recently called Blue Canvas

Last night was our six months anniversary dinner! Our anniversary is pretty easy to remember, it’s the first of every month. It’s actually not, but it was so close to the 1st that I decided to round it up. For my own sake as much as it was for his.

I wore this…and he bought me this.


Club Monaco men’s sweater / Talula dress / Doc Martens

I wanted sunflowers so I told him I wanted sunflowers. It’s easier to just say it than to get mad later with expectations he did not know that I had. I don’t have a vase so this was the only solution.

I wore dresses twice in two months! THIS is what happens when you’ve got a need to be the woman when out with a man. I no longer want to be seen as a boy, but as a girl, next to another boy.

we had a lovely dinner at Boneta. The food was so fancy that I think its fanciness gave me a stomachache when I got home. I got a cocktail called apples n’ pears. It has bourbon in it, I’ll pretty much drink anything with bourbon. The smoky-ness is just so good. It’s better than actually smoking.


we got a bonus (read: free) dessert (not pictured) which was billed as AMUSE. Which was meringue and sorbet. I’ve only had meringue never, and I only know about meringue from Cooking Mama. So having it for the first time felt very confusing. It’s like crunchy sugar, and after our AMUSE, we got our actual desserts and I ended up getting more meringue. It’s sort of sticky and could easily get caught in your teeth. Everything gets caught in my teeth because I have bad enamel. There was also pistachio cream cheese (green stuff) that I mistaken as ice cream.

Boneta serves set meals that you choose 3 courses for $45 or you can order a la carte. Had to quietly ask my boyfriend what a la carte meant … haha… yes.

Decided to get the set course cause feeling fancy.

Somehow this ended up as a restaurant review.

Anyways, I think I’m going to return full speed to blogging, including fit pics if possible!! My house is ugly (unlike other bloggers) and I am not gonna drag people out so they can take fit pics for me… so a lot of mirror pics and poor angle gorilla tripod pics.

Weekend’s over and I did nada. o_o


little italy + guggenheim


had a nice lunch in little italy
went to the guggenheim another day, definitely disappointing, would not recommend at all

more photos! 30rock + NYPL


i took a lot more photos but I haven’t been feeling like putting them online! If you have me on facebook then you already saw how shitty they are. anyways, today I finally got banking sorted out so horray! So see the previous post about a potential proxy service, if you’re interested that is.

today’s photo dump includes a bunch of photos of 30ROCK (all hail tina fey) and my favorite place, the new york public library!

my dad’s sort of from new york (mostly no though), specifically Elmhurst area in queens. So on a day that I was feeling tired I decided to go visit where he used to live. It’s mostly inhabited by spanish and mexican folks. I only visited him once while he was here so I couldn’t even find the apt building that he used to live in. It’s a few subway stops from where I am staying now and I decided to have lunch there.

Some sort of champagne soda thing.

chicken fajitas?

the only I <3 NY thing that I saw. When I am being a tourist, I really try to hide the fact that I am a tourist. For lots of reasons, mostly because I am scared of being judged. But there are people that walk around in I <3 NY shirts. I felt sort of surprised that anyone would wear it while in new york....

also i’ve been drinking a lot of this lately, which is just ice tea from dunkin’ donuts, it’s 99 cents for any size. okay it’s a great way to start the day -_- haha
also i love the way ice tea LOOKS, it looks amazing don’t you think? the way the ice chips float, i just freaking love it.

I really love the subway! there are so many beautiful pieces of art in all sorts of styles across the city. I also like taking the subway, it’s loud and quiet at the same time…

on Monday I tried to go to MoMA but totally failed because the line was humongous. I didn’t know that the Moma actually required a ticket rather than just via donations. WELL, it’s like $25. So just as well, i’ll go on friday afternoon (4-8) when it’s free and sponsored by Target, merci Target.

Rockerfeller Plaza……. <3 because of 30ROCK ok.

the lego store! which by the way, i think vancouver is getting one too….

and the beautiful New York Public Library. This is the one on 42nd and 5th. And I am pretty sure that this is the library that they used in the Sex and the City movie, hey hey! HEY i was a fan until the 2nd movie came out. But too bad this library isn’t actually where you go to borrow books, mostly for tourists and people like me to rest and use their wi-fi.

nobody waits on the curb


that’s one major thing that I’ve realized…nobody stands on the curb while waiting to cross the street. they’ll be one or two steps into the street because then they could dash the moment that there are no more cars or the light changes, whichever one comes first~

yesterday I went to the Metropolitan museum of art and today I got a small tour of the offices at Time magazine and then went to the New York public library on 42nd street… it really is beautiful, <3 though, it's not really for looking for books...

i took a lot of notes when I was at the MET, partially because I thought it would make my blogs more interesting than just, yeah it was alright. I only got to visit four wings out of the many more, and since I have time I think I would like to go back and go through it all again. I'm still definitely visiting The American Natural History Museum, The Museum of Modern Art and The Brooklyn Museum (b/c of Keith Haring) and maybe the American Museum for Folk art...

In terms of shopping, I haven't done any other than a few t-shirts from Uniqlo and an eyeliner by Stila from Sephora. I am interested in shopping but I really don't have the funds right now also I really don't need anything. That being said, I'll probably buy a pair of doc martens before I return.

I've had two very bad meals in new york so far. One of them is at this quaint little bar in Soho, I ordered something called Grilled chicken with mustard sauce, it sounds kind of good but the mustard sauce pretty much made me sick. I just nursed on my Stella and gave up on the chicken completely. The second bad meal (my fault) was at the MET, of course it would be bad. I was so unsatisfied that I wanted to leave the museum, instead I calmed my nerves and got my first slice of New York pizza at a place called Mimi's on 84th street, only two blocks away from the museum. Today I had pho for dinner and sicilian style pizza at a place right next to Radio City, it was alright, i think the dough is whole wheat but I have no idea. I think I like New York style more. I also passed by 30 Rock and the rink, but it was down for the spring/summer. But lots of people were there taking pictures. I was not one of them because I didn't even bring a camera.


I was really excited about this area because I really wanted to go to APC and buy sandals. but it was so disappointing… also expensive. I’ll have to check out their surplus store soon.

Here are the stores that were in soho that I could remember: A.P.C., Aritzia, YSL, Chanel, Converse, LV, Apple, Acne (not opened yet), Rag & bone, The Hundreds, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Madewell, Club Monaco, Topshop, Zara, Forever21, MUJI (wayyyy too expensive here), Uniqlo, Moncler, John Varatos, Some ivanka trump thing, Prada, Miu Miu, Dean & Deluca, Doc Martens (but couldn’t find it) J. Lindeburgh (sp?), J.Crew Men’s shop, American Apparel etc etc.. there are probably Urban outfitters and stuff but I really dont like UO.

this post is too long, I’m going to go start a new post for the MET now…

why did i think it was going to be summer here?


so uh

there are so many things that i want to complain about but i won’t…. :/ but i think someone should give me a break because i came from one of the most rainiest cities in the WORLD to a city that’s not known for rain but it goddamn rains all day and it was soo cold  ;_;

so i flew last night on  cathay pacific to new york city…..i arrived this morning at …7am? and the day was clear and the moment i got to the place that im staying at (pretty bad experience here too, but won’t talk about it) it just started to rain with vengeance

So right now I’m jet lagged? from a 3 hour time difference and I didn’t sleep on the flight at all and barely slept when I got here (couldn’t sleep…) so i thought i’ll blog then maybe watch some anime to induce sleepiness…

i haven’t taken a lot of photos yet….but i’m located in Queens and it’s like hong kong basically…

so the last time that I few with Cathay Pacific was ten years ago  ~ and it was pretty good. I don’t know the model of the plane that i was on last night but look at that wonderful thing with the green light. OMFG IT HAS A FREAKING OUtLET! in economy class~!!! that’s taking care of your people!

i started to watch the girl with the dragon tattoo but it got really depressing for me so i watched New Girl instead, even though i’ve seen all of it. I saw on other people’s screens they had that justin timberlake movie about time…= money and they also had sherlock BBC which is pretty cool. but when i’m flying, i need lighthearted movies and shows. last time i watched i am legend while on a plane ride, idek why, made me so sad when i got off the flight =_= NVR AGAIN!

the food was pretty disgusting as per usual

but their business class (idk if it was first or business) was pretty nice. one day i hope i’ll get to fly somewhere in business too… <3

and i had this for dinner ...it was kind of gross

so that’s pretty much all that happened today. it rained a lot a LOT A LOT …and tomorrow i want to go to the metropolitan museum of art but i don’t know if i’m super up for it yet. but i shall be!!!

overall i was whining like a baby the moment i arrived but it got better after..today felt like 5 days in one… i was mostly in and out of consciousness….

stray observations:

when i was waiting to be picked up at the airport i saw a girl come through customs not like everybody else. probably some First Class customs thing and then a town car picked her up. i wonder if it was someone famous…a really skinny girl in a floppy hat and sunglasses.. heh..well no one was there to take photos of her or anything so idk

everyone…wish happiness for me because i really need it right now <3

lazy but sincere


a few general updates coming your way about me…! even though you don’t care, for my sake, pretend.

photos sponsored by my phone camera, when’s the last time that I went and used my real camera?

many of these are old or have already been posted to my tumblr, follow me on tumblr! i am interesting there!

had some sushi … and there is a good bottle of riesling from Morsel Valley in Germany that’s about $10 at Wal-mart…

saw this Nissan Leaf that had a Bye Oil plate and got my old nano back from my dad, from quite a few years ago, what was on it? mostly The Fray…

became IT support for some reason and fixed some routers..and got people back online… this is how they stack their computers there and had some korean food one night

some shitty mirror outfit pics, i bought a new coat (first photo) with leather sleeves, yet had chance to wear it though :/

i got my keyboard! and did i do more writing? nope =__= … nope =_=

what else…

i am listening to The Naked and Famous because my friend wants me to go to their show, I think I want to go to a show but I don’t know how I feel about their music yet. Also finally heard the born to die song by Lana Del Rey. I think she has a good voice but everything about her is so awkward that I have to stare directly at it. I like how her lips quiver a lot, or is that just my imagination? A lot of hate harbored towards her is because her dad is rich and produced her and people are pissed. I think that’s why I initially disliked her. but her awkwardness is so sincere that I know she’s probably at least a little bit talented.

I am not reading anything lately. I do enjoy reading but every time I read I am reminded that I am not writing and that kind of makes me feel guilty. But my new novel-in-progress is like, even I think I am trying too hard to create something that’s funny and insightful and I am writing from the point of view of a 20-something-year old male (oh yeah coming of age novel, you know it) and I really don’t know how to …make it funny and just vulgar enough.

lots of swearing though, don’t have to worry about that.

Oh yeah, I also had a job interview last Monday. the moment I stepped into the office I didn’t want the job anymore. I tried to look up the hourly pay wage on the website afterwards because I wanted to make the job worth my time. But the website is down so I couldn’t find out.

after a lot of worrying about whether I should take the job (because i think I behaved really well) I ended up not getting the job.

The lady called me and sounded sorry but she actually put me quite at ease so I felt really relieved.

I applied for a web writer job. Basically, UPDATE ALL THE BLOGS! I think I am capable of that…. also money’s so good it feels like it’s raining (but taxes are so high heel that it’ll just be cloudy).