it only happens twice a year update?


i run a menswear blog…! I hate the word menswear so I recently changed the name of the blog to kinda buzzed (for no particular reason) even though the URL remained the same.

I definitely changed the focus of the sort of menswear that I wanted to post. I was never really a fan of bespoke suits anyway, I think I was just obsessed with the pattern on pattern on pattern….

The blog consists only of street style. I never post any editorial…and as a general rule of thumb, the more disgruntled the gentleman looks the more likely he’s going to appear on my blog. Beautiful model boys sometimes make it too, but older gentleman is definitely priority.

I’ve had this blog for a while now but as my tastes change it’s becoming harder and harder to update the blog. I can’t seem to find as many interesting photos. I went from posting several photos a day (queued up) to one a day, and running out of photos constantly.

A major of photos is obviously Tommy Ton. He shoots Florence and LFW in January (that’s NOW) for GQ every year, but this year I noticed he isn’t updating for GQ. I guess he now shoots exclusively for so if you’re wondering where tommy went on GQ, he’s now at OR so I think, maybe they’re waiting to update it later? but I doubt it, tommy’s photos are such a huge traffic draw.

Off topic.

I actually wanted to share this new street style blog that I recently found called Shanghai Express. I think it’s quickly becoming my favorite street style blog. I haven’t been to shanghai in over 15 years at least. I can’t believe how stylish everyone has become. I am itching to go back, even though I have always chosen Beijing over Shanghai….but it could quickly become a new favorite Chinese destination as I detest snow..and the cold and Beijing’s winters are known to be brutal.

some of my favorite photos…





I love the mix of Shanghai prep with modern Western designers. It’s known that Shanghai (the south) is much more “neat” than Beijing (the north) and fashionable and generally cares MORE about the appearance of things. I know I won’t recognize Shanghai anymore. I know I won’t find my great-grandma’s house…

but I long for it like I’ve never ever longed for it.

Speaking of clothes.

also longing for this pair of boyfriend selvedge Levi’s. I saw them in store but decided against trying them on and now I regret it very much. I should have at least tried them on…


acne f/w 13 hi i love you

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yesterday i went to holt (canada’s ..only high end clothing department store?) and I saw the ACNE merci leather jacket. I remember seeing the exact same jacket in a non-shiny leather last year for the exact same price…and here we are again. I ended up trying it on…

and then putting it back because it’s $1600


they only had size 2 and a size 6..the 2 fit but it was obvious that i couldn’t wear anything but a t-shirt underneath it. it’s a beautiful jacket but it’s way too expensive for what it is. but it’s nice to know that they’ll keep making similar cuts so when i eventually might be able to afford it, they’ll still keep on making it…

besides this jacket, i think the shearling jacket is no.1 on my wishlist


it’s beautiful and it looks warm too! i just wonder if it’ll be heavy



it’s not that i know a lot about fashion or designers but for me personally, ACNE never seems to be disappointing with their denim, sweaters and outerwear. i’m not much of a “tops” person. I don’t really ever look at a fluttery top and think it’s very pretty. t-shirts and an occasional button up are my mainstay, so work around that, i like to find the best fitting outerwear and denim.

I hope ACNE will keep on making the velocite pretty~~~

photos from LA GARCONNE

stuff stuff stuff!


lately i’ve been slightly stressed with a few things in my life, stress caused by Canada Post not delivering my very important transcript to its location in time, :dead: the sudden downpour of rain, the credit card bills, general none-stop busy-ness of life and the fact that i haven’t finished a book in a while.

When I feel stressed I end up wanting to look at very expensive clothes and have self-induced closet envy from fashion bloggers~~ today i am reminded of pieces that I missed out on because they were just too expensive for me at the time. Even still most things that I lust after still are too expensive for me. But I have plenty of clothes to wear so it’s time to start saving for those pieces that i really really really want or splurging on a few when the time is right. One of those pieces was the Opening Ceremony x ChloĆ« Sevigny leopard sweater that i missed out many seasons ago~ Why is it so perfect! Why is it the perfect shape, perfect amount of fluffiness? WHYWHYWHY

wait a second

what stroke of ridiculous luck is this :/

i just checked the Opening Ceremony website and it’s randomly there again, both the cardigan and the crew neck. the cardigan is sold out in my size but I can wear a medium in the crew neck. the price isn’t ridiculous but I can’t justify this purchase at the moment. Maybe someone else will buy it , wear it lovingly for me :wings


Wow I just made a whole speech about buying nice pieces that I like but when it comes down to it I just don’t make enough money to justify these kinda purchases right now.

I didn’t choose the peasant life, the peasant life chose me.

magazine! inspiration


from the April 2013 issue :panda

I always seem to find more inspiration from Men’s magazines than women’s. Maybe it’s just my personality but I’d rather look cool than to look pretty :rubbelly:

I also learn a lot more about layering in men’s magazines than women’s. Button ups, denim jackets and even cardigans seem to manage themselves better than women’s pieces. Obviously those aren’t exclusive to any gender but it seems like there’s more focus on layering those pieces in men’s magazines…

and randomly there seems to be an increase in women’s pieces in men’s magazines too… (randomly) :tasty


it’s never too late to do attempt a vagabond rockstar look~~~ i love the tote bag. i think i need a few cool buttons to put on mine. I hate white socks by the way. Even though it looks really cool in certain looks it always end up looking awful on me! It’s just socks! I know! But still, I’ll feel uncomfortable for the entire day … :rain:




I used to only wear dresses / skirts when there is a special occasion. And the idea that baggy things are comfy is completely lost on me. But recently I discovered the magic of maxi dresses /skirts. Although it’s still too cold to wear them out. I am looking forwards summer time so that I can wear it all the time! I still wear skinny jeans / pants all the time but man, skirts, there’s just so much air vents.

The following scans are from a magazine called HACO, which is a catalogue that you can order from. Basically mail-order only clothing. But I always enjoy looking at their spreads, the clothes look so comfortable and the scenery is always so relaxed. I remember buying their 2008 catalog when I was in Japan. The print version was only 300 yen.

If I had to style maxi dressed it’d probably be with over sized tees or a small button up. It might make you look droopy or weighted down but it’s the ultimate comfort! pair it with cool sneakers so you’ll never be left behind (as in you can run after anything)


lately I’m also on the hunt for a good comfy overall. At my work place, a lot of people wear coveralls, work coveralls probably made of some sort of cotton / canvas blend? They are way too big for me but otherwise they are cool alternatives. Uniqlo made this extremely cool linen overall that has a cool criss cross back. Wish we had a uniqlo around so I could try it on~~


and lastly spring is a great time to wear lighter jackets! Trench coats, single non-lined fish-tail jackets, etc etc, the possibilities are endless. :cutie


Even though it’s sunny right now it’s still extremely cold, so cold that I had to scrape ice off of my car this morning ~ sigh summer now please! @_@ :sun

bomber woman


I’m obsessed with flight jackets (and to a degree: baseball jackets)

I originally wanted to attempt a good fashion blog and post some fits and looks but alas i do not have a photographer.



this one is by Wilfred, that i got on sale at a pretty killer price. It’s very heavy and is lined with silk. The backing has a criss cross silk fabric design which must serve some purpose that is beyond my peasant mind. The size that I ended up getting is an 8 which is actually, the last size available at the store. Even though it’s slightly too large for me on the shoulders, I still love it because that’s the entire mentality towards the bomber jacket idea? The aesthetic is oversized droopy tops on skinny pants and oversized sneakers/boots. Or at least, that’s how the entire look would have translated in my mind. But really, I treat this more like a fancy hoodie.


This one I got last night <3_<3 it's by Talula and they had the exact same one last season for $100 more? Maybe it was different but I like this cut so much~ I started off with a size medium and ended up with a size Large. Talula is known for making very small sizes (e.g. XXS), they basically do the opposite of vanity sizing. Even though the sales lady did a good job I was sold on the moment I saw it on the website a week ago. The rest of the time I was just trying to justify a purchase.



this is the actual flight jacket by alpha industries, i like it because it’s warm and you can layer like crazy underneath (wide arms) but my mom says it’s one of the worst purchases I have ever made. Mom don’t know street okay.

Lots of street style inspiration of girls in bomber jackets, lots of them are a lot more playful and less classic than the ones that I have. Mostly because it’d be hard to come across wicked pieces like this in my day to day life…


Great tumblr for this sort of inspiration GIRLS IN BOMBER JACKETS . COM

and lots more great pieces like these…ahh :DD



My entire frame of mind for style and clothes is inspired by TROUBLEWITHMYSELF and STOPITRIGHTNOW

I really wish I dressed as well as Denise when I was her age and eventually will reach a point of confidence in my personal style (hopefully) when I’m older like Jayne and I lust after all of her celine platforms :straw

okay, off to listen to M-fLos newest album NEVEN!