death and dying is the next trend


Why are millennials so obsessed with death? (myself included)

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I was born in 1988 and my life is good. Yet I can’t stop thinking about the possibility of dying, soon, fast, now.


I have a good, “fun”, “cool” job in a midsize American city with benefits and health care. I have no major health problems and I’ve got some cool art in my apartment.

I recently acquired leather pants and I haven’t worn them enough to get my money’s worth yet, so technically, not yet. And last night I saw a cool record player that I may want to own one day.

And Lana del Rey’s new album isn’t out..and…


On most nights I go to bed not tired enough to fall asleep fast enough. Because of the nature of my job, I have a very flexible schedule, and because of that, I sleep late.


I am under my blanket, sweating a bit, even though it’s winter time. I turn off the heat because I am trying to save money on electricity. I am not sweating cause it’s hot, per say. I’m sweating because I’m uncomfortable in my own skin, whenever I am left alone for even a second without something to distract me. It didn’t use to be like this.


Damn, wouldn’t it be nice to go to sleep and not wake up? I think of this often.

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I even discuss it with my boyfriend, and we talk about the possibilities of death. Not dying, but death. I guess it helps that we both are not religious, so we don’t believe in afterlife, cause damn that sounds exhausting.


We both think it’d be nice to just stop existing and we both agree that our parents would be sad. And that’s one of the few things that’s keeping it all going.


I am not depressed, at least not clinically. But who isn’t depressed these days?


But often I find myself finding life very annoying, and asking myself the point of it all. Because, as each day passes by, I can’t see what’s so good about it. What’s the next major world disaster that will hit the twitter feeds? Something that will not affect me or my first world life, but will cause bleakness in me all the same? Humanity is doomed!!


Everyday is the same and there isn’t anything to look forward to.


I roll around the bed, unable to fall asleep.


I turn to my phone.


My favourite way of falling asleep is to scroll through tumblr until I can no longer stay awake anymore. I laugh out loud under the covers and in the dark. I love it, I love memes, especially right before bed.


There are a lot of different kind of memes but I find that the ones about death resonate with me, and many others on the internet, because they get reblogged a lot.


Everyone finds death funny and apparently, everyone wants to die.

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And no one really wants it to happen to them prematurely.


But, is reality that bad?


When I was in high school, I knew a girl that tried to kill herself. Thankfully, she didn’t die. But she did leave a scar on her arm that everyone looked at curiously and questioned.


That was my first true brush with death.


It was scary to think about. But it also sort of planted a seed in my head. You can do that, you can choose to do that.


When I was small, (admittingly, I was probably like 10), I used to cry in my bed until my mom came to  console me. I was crying about dying. My mom told me that I would one day understand why death is necessary. I didn’t understand. There were so many things to look forward to, how can death be necessary? All the toys, the friends I’ll make, the books I’ll read, and all that growing up I’ll have to do. Damn, where’s that thirst for life now?


I did this a second time, my mom told me to get over it. It felt harsh for a ten year old, but how do you console someone over something you just can’t explain?


I am trying to remember when I started to feel strongly about not wanting to exist anymore. I am trying to count the things that I am looking forward to, but I am coming up short.


I know that I will never do anything as foolish as to take my own life.

But the thought of not having to keep on going for no other reason than keeping on going is a pleasant one.


While I can’t speak for everyone, but the trend is evident. Not necessarily death, but the thought of not having to live anymore, is definitely superior to life?


Yes, won’t we think of those in harsher living environments? Won’t we think of those caught in the middle of war? Won’t we think of those that are in fact on the brink of death?


How can we keep talking about wanting to die as if we’re anything but healthy young people?


Because we all went to expensive schools, and now we owe a lot of money. Because we know we might never own our own home. Because we don’t know how taxes work and the government is cracking down on everything?


Because the billionaires are getting even younger while we struggle to pay for lunch.


Because life expectancy is perhaps too long.


Because we would rather turn to the screen than to the person. Because of our now short attention spans, we can’t face any kind of annoyance. Because, at least on the surface, everyone else is happier than we are, everyone else is more successful than us and they all have better mid century furniture.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 12.07.22 PM

The future is bleak. And with each day it gets bleaker. And so we cope with humor. Make someone else laugh, make yourself laugh, about a subject that’s no laughing matter. Cope. Cope until you die.


Well this write-up was a waste of time, just like life.


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