doing stuff in 2015


SAD is hitting me harder this year than any other. So to combat it I’ve been trying to eat more greens and taking vitamin D. It also probably helps to set some goals about what I want to do…at least for the first half of the year.

– buy my leather jacket!
I’ve been putting it off but it’s finally time! Time to drop a lot of money on something that I’ll love and wear a lot. It’s a bit difficult to determine the size on it but I’m pretty excited about it.

– Get an Oregon driver’s license!
Despite living in Virginia for two years I NEVER switched my driver’s license. There are a lot of rules it seems like, because once you have a license it could mean a lot of things. I only have my Canadian driver’s license and hopefully they’ll let me do the switch.

– Do my taxes!
Well this is mandatory but UGHHH ITS SO PAINFUL…

-Plan my April Vacation.
It’ll take some planning and I’ll have to work around the schedule at work but I’m excited. I feel terrible because I can’t seem to enjoy my daily life and I need to plan something ahead to look forward to…

Yeah that’s about it for now. I’ll update as they come along I guess.
Staying positive could be difficult, especially when you are as spoiled as I am..

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