young and dumb

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The birds & the Bees – Young and Dumb.

Counting the years up I am 27.
I look young but it’s mostly because I am disguising it all with my immature attitude and take on life.
I keep counting the years up and soon I’ll be dead ( I am a very fast counter ).

I’ve never felt young before in my life. I’ve always felt old and tired. I’ve felt like I’ve had enough.
I felt like I knew so much, my need to speak (not to listen), and my distrust of every single person around me has brought me a lot of trouble.

But I’ve never felt young and dumb.
I’ve felt like I’ve figured it out. I felt like I no longer need to chase.

Today is the first time that I felt young and dumb.
Today I realized that I need to build my own life and not chase after one that I don’t really know what is all about.
I’m always wondering about other people but I wonder if anyone wonders about me?
Is it time for more self reflection or is it time for something else?

Young and Dumb.
I feel so young and dumb.
I am young and dumb.

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