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I don’t know much about music or movies. I watch enough, but is definitely not on the cutting edge of anything.

3 Months ago on June 18 I signed up for my trial subscription of Spotify, it was my first day of work. 4 Days ago as I was walking the street I received an email from paypal informing me that my paypal just took out 10 dollars for my next month of spotify. Hummmmm, 3 months have passed.

This is what I’m really excited about listening to again and again and again recently…

Metric’s new album: Pagans in Vegas

Lana del rey’s new album: Honeymoon

Ryan Adam’s Taylor Swift cover album: 1989

It’s so weird how lyrics can sound so differently when given different arrangements and instrumentals and better. I guess I am not allowed to judge lyrics anymore but I still think Lana writes beautiful lyrics.

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