so sensitive


i don’t know if this is true for everyone. but my body goes crazy now when it tries to come in contact with ice coffee. i don’t even try to drink the hot version, i attempt the iced version in the summer time usually with hazelnut but i’ve been feeling really poor so i save myself 35 cents…

school is okay and nuts at the same time.
i think my muscles are wilting despite the fact that i live on a third floor walk up.

i think caffeine and i don’t play well, im shaking a bit even though i only had two sips.

but i can drink SO much coke. what is up with that.

the summer is really great here in the barely south. it was 28 degrees on Friday!! Or like 80s? I don’t know the fahrenheit equivalent.
I STILL don’t know the fahrenheit equivalent.

internships .. hmm

i got one! then another one! the second one has its obvious advantages but it’s unpaid. The first one IS paid but it’s in new york city. The second one is at home, as in Vancouver.

The obvious choice given how stressed I am is to take the Vancouver one.

The agencies are both very good agencies. After my interview with the NYC agency, I really really wanted to go there because I really like the managing director. He liked this one thing that I wrote that I thought no one would like, so that’s so nice to be understood in that manner. The second offer felt like a favor to my professor.

But when it winds down to it, it’s how much more stress can I take. How much hair can I risk falling out?

Do I want smothering smelly New York heat or do I want calm and pleasant rare Vancouver sunny days?

Nevermind the worries, I need to do work.


  • Amelia says:

    OMG! CONGRATULATIONS! *throws confetti*

  • congratulations on the offers!

    have you tried switching maybe to a tea with less caffeine in it? or decaf?

    i really feel like america just uses fahrenheit to be difficult. even the germans don’t use it and one of their guys invented it.

    hope some peace comes to you to, and best of luck with choosing an internship!

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