i wear sunglasses all the time now


i wonder if people can smell it on you.

the lack of talent.

the lack of confidence.

i wonder if they can sense it through your emails, your incoherent emails that say nothing but a bumbling plead for mercy.

Then you ask yourself, am i just in a rut, or am i unlucky, or am i just really really untalented.

You keep telling yourself that it means nothing because really it means nothing.

But nothing keeps on happening, and it keeps hurting, when it was supposed to mean nothing at all.


So unpleasant.

But all in all, it leads to the question of whether you are just a bad person. and all the bad stuff that you’ve done lead up to this point, it’s exploding in your face. All of it. All of the bad things you’ve done, you’ve said, it’s leading up to this point.

They only want good people and nice people.

Then you look again, no that wasn’t it.

it was the lack of talent.

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  • becca says:

    copywriting school confidential?

  • Amelia says:

    Chin up, Emma! Chin up!

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