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yesterday i went to holt (canada’s ..only high end clothing department store?) and I saw the ACNE merci leather jacket. I remember seeing the exact same jacket in a non-shiny leather last year for the exact same price…and here we are again. I ended up trying it on…

and then putting it back because it’s $1600


they only had size 2 and a size 6..the 2 fit but it was obvious that i couldn’t wear anything but a t-shirt underneath it. it’s a beautiful jacket but it’s way too expensive for what it is. but it’s nice to know that they’ll keep making similar cuts so when i eventually might be able to afford it, they’ll still keep on making it…

besides this jacket, i think the shearling jacket is no.1 on my wishlist


it’s beautiful and it looks warm too! i just wonder if it’ll be heavy



it’s not that i know a lot about fashion or designers but for me personally, ACNE never seems to be disappointing with their denim, sweaters and outerwear. i’m not much of a “tops” person. I don’t really ever look at a fluttery top and think it’s very pretty. t-shirts and an occasional button up are my mainstay, so work around that, i like to find the best fitting outerwear and denim.

I hope ACNE will keep on making the velocite pretty~~~

photos from LA GARCONNE

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    Such cute sweaters!

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