perfecto !


i have a black leather jacket (read: genuine leather) from zara that i got a few years ago. It’s still serving me well but the elbows are worn out (not in a good way) and missing quite a few pull tabs because they simply broke. I definitely don’t NEED new leather I’m older now and I need to upgrade.

Here are some that i’m eternally lusting after

by Acne. I think they made so many different leather jackets and i want them all. There’s one with this ridiculous shearling collar and i’m like no but im sure it’s removable.


this balenciaga perfecto that alexa wears around town. I’ve pretty much never seen another photo of this jacket that’s not on her. Weird huh? but rep that pebbled leather!!! I personally hate the belt that comes with the jackets but this one seems rigid enough that it’ll work



SCHOTT NYC’s LAMBSKIN PERFECTO FOR LADIES! this is my next jacket. reasonably priced with punk legacy, what could be better … take me there now…. <3_<3 :3 :blush



  • astromantic says:

    Straight to Hell Apparel makes some nice (and pricey) leather jackets, too. And they come with bottle openers! So functional. I’m currently coveting one of their vegan ones.

    • emma says:

      wow i really like them and they are so reasonably priced
      i wish they had a brick and mortar store or something
      thanks for the recommendation btw is this F ?

      • astromantic says:

        Same, but I really like their exchange policy for that same reason! Kinda makes up for it. (And yes it is! ひさしぶり!)

        • emma says:

          wow long time ! you disappeared off twitter and everything~ yes ill definitely look into it. im weary about vegan leather but the blue rider is calling out to me

          • astromantic says:

            I came back to Twitter (just followed you). And I think I only like the vegan jacket because it costs less (ha!), but I can’t really speak to its quality. :’|

  • Amelia says:

    I am pretty sure Alexa could wear a burlap sack and she would look super cool in it.

    I am turned off by that belt though.

    • emma says:

      yeah the belt seems a fundamental part of the biker jackets though. i don’t love it but i don’t mind it either. yeah stupid alexA!!!! jeeez!

    • emma says:

      i mean like, a lot of people copy her style but who are we kidding here tho

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