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I’ve been to a lot of shows and seen a lot of different artists but I must say GHOST is an entirely different experience :ghost

this is my second “metal” show though Ghost is mostly Rock/metal rather than metal metal like Wolves of the throne Room. I felt so awkward at that show because I never knew when to clap because I could never tell whether the song was over or not. The answer being that It’s never over. I did’t prepare myself for Ghost at all and didn’t study up on their two albums before going to the show and I always find myself having more fun if I knew the songs but I had so much fun anyway.


When the nameless Ghouls first walked on stage a chill went through me. Crap, did I accidentally join a cult? Did I promise to hail satan for the rest of my life? WHAT JUST HAPPENED :fireeyes But with the crowd’s cheering and the beer everything felt okay after 20 seconds.

Then the Pope came on stage. and the pope is so cute. Must’ve been hot moving around under all that.


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His gentle demeanor coupled with his awesome hat made the entire show that much more awesome. The music is not too loud or too difficult to follow. It’s a nice relaxing trance of psychedelic enjoyment. The Pope is polite and gentle. He doesn’t move much but he rocks hard. When the nameless ghouls bowed at the end my heart melted! Everything felt kind of crazy but really really fun and cute. I had so much fun. I haven’t had fun in a long time at a show. It’s always too crowded and people need to stop spilling drinks on me. I think maybe not moshing made it more enjoyable too.

yay! ghost! :dead:

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  • Amelia says:

    I just checked them out and they seem pretty awesome. They sound a lot like Blue Oyster Club to me.

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