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After the debacle with Canada post being completely irresponsible and unreliable with my transcripts. I was so happy *__* to see my tracking number put to good use on the fedex website! And my beautiful new sandals, Clarissa by Doc Martens arrived when on the predicted date! I originally wanted these ones, but they had sold out in my size when I went to order (there was a coupon! it does pay off to follow your favorite brands on twitter/facebook OK! ) So I ended up getting the patent leather ones. Even though the yellow threading is a doc marten signature. I always found it to be too loud, especially in pictures. But in person it barely shows at all.

I wore these to IKEA yesterday and I am wearing them now.


Banana Republic top / Uniqlo jeans / Doc Marten sandals

This was my first time buying shoes online….so the tension is high. It’s so easy for shoes to be uncomfortable on your feet. There could be endless problems with sizing and fit, and depends a lot on how wide your feet is or how high or how flat. So many things could go wrong. I only dared to order because Doc Martens felt more trust worthy than other brands in terms of sizing and fit. and luckily I had bought a pair earlier this year so at least I know that I am a UK size 4.

In terms of comfort these are …. slowly getting there. the cushiony bottom is really great and it’s made so that it doesn’t cinch your feet. It would feel kind of loose at first but you’d soon get used to it. The only major problem that I have with it is that the back is made completely straight and kind of ridiculous given what a human foot actually looks like. So it’ll feel like it’s pushing you forward. but I feel like the leather would soften over time and it’ll adjust to your feet more accordingly.

In other news, I finally called the school and it seemed like they received my second batch of transcripts! horray! But still no news on the admissions front. But that’s okay.

I read this blog entry by Danny Choo today about never giving up. Having been a Danny Choo blog reader for a while now I am familiar with his life story and it is an adventurous one. I am really happy for him and his success even though I am rarely genuinely happy for anyone. It really goes to show you have to persevere and not make excuses for yourself when the going gets tough.


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