a recap using instagram / camera / phone pics :DD

Went to Portland for four days, three nights, rode train for 16 hours (both ways), ate many things, drank not enough beer, went to the local pantry five times, took the bus a bunch of times and regretted not taking the taxi more.

a lot of these are from instagram, the venn diagram for the people that may have seen this and the people that frequent this blog results in a circle.


we used to have bus tickets like that! haven’t seen it in a long time. Nostalgic :kira And i kept all the bottle caps or at least i tried to of everything that we drank.


this was our train ride there, our train departed at 640 AM and hence we had to get up before the sun rose. We ended up only eating a bit of clam chowder and random rice crackers.



ah we’re here, the station is sort of picturesque and the sun came out! we’re very grateful.


spent a lot of time at home at night, and we drank a lot of the local brew. There were just so many more to choose from.


We went to this burger place called Lardo for lunch, amazing fries, just so amazing.


Frequented Powell Books, Everyday Music and Jackpot Records


On our last night, with not too many choices, we ended up eating at a small diner near where we were living called Hot Cake House. I really didn’t think this place would have internet presence, but I guess it’s portland after all.


More Random food places


Taking the tram, a photo of me at Filson, the only thing that I bought on the trip, a pair of doc martens and the best thing about the place we were staying at, this amazing fire place.

There were so manyyy mishaps but all in all it was a great trip~ would love to visit again when it’s summer or at least, not raining all the time!

A few pictures of buildings after the cut~ :rainbow

(may or may not start watching Portlandia)







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  • tiff says:

    Those shoes are…AWESOME. They suit your very well!

    Portland looks so sad. I mean, it’s always raining and pretty damn cold up there so maybe that’s why everything looks so grey and gloomy.

    Food pictures look great, especially the top burger and fries. Was it amazing?!

  • Amelia says:

    Those shoes look awesome!

    And the food…. mmmm…

    I like those bottlecaps.

  • Winn says:

    Mishaps can make a trip more memorable sometimes!
    The buildings look interesting, they’re so western…

  • Becca says:

    cute shoes! AND I SEE YOUR BOYFRIEND :D

    Looks like Vancouver type weather… I do like the mellow mushroom building! :D

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