Nexus 7 mini review + unboxing


this is the box! with all the crap inside…. not much to see, unlike before, nowadays when you buy technology it’s basically a USB and a super simple start guide to tell you how to turn on the device and the URL to the pdf of the actual manual.

i took a picture of this because it was very cute. you get to see this graphic when you update the OS, which in this case was from jelly bean 4.1 to 4.1.1

on the left: this is Chrome running this current blog, on the right: this is the tablet version of gmail which i like a lot.

on the left: this is the main menu of all of the apps that you have…swipe to the right for more apps and pages and pages of widgets… on the right: instagram in HD which is pretty darn awesome.

the notification bar is great, it has a short cut towards settings, the lock/unlock of landscape/portrait mode and all of the things that you’ve done recently.

on the left: an example of the widget page, on the right: the jelly bean easter egg!

It’s a very bland overview of the product but so far I really like it.
One of the reasons that I always like android products is that they seem really sturdy. This device, as well as my HTC desire, are strong products that will withstand carelessness. For a 7 inch device, this is quite heavy (though not in a bad way) and fits well in my hands.

Android 4.1 is an excellent OS and is a lot more intuitive and easy to use compared to the 2.3 that I currently have in my phone.

The price of course, is amazing. I paid $259 + tax (approximately $290 or so after tax and other fees) for the 16GB from Sta ples. Staples delivered it a lot earlier than they said they would which is always good but they delivered it without any real packaging in a giant cardboard box. Of course, nothing really happened to mine but accidents on a delivery truck are too common.

The nexus 7 comes with a few free things embedded in to encourage you to buy books and download movies from the Play Store. I got Transformers The dark side of the moon and Robert Ludlum’s The bourne Dominion…

Apparently there’s free music but at least I didn’t get it.

As for the APPS, the best thing about any android device is all the amazing google apps that you can get. My favorite are of course, gmail, google reader, google maps, g talk, google earth etc etc.. there is no equivalent of a good google reader on the iphone, or at least not that i know of, and definitely one an official gtalk app.

As for tablet compatible apps: instagram is amazing on the larger screen. Twitter and Twicca works as they would on any phone device. However this is no compatible tumblr app right now and for some odd reason the tumblr mobile site shows up funny on chrome… in portrait mode anyway, if you rotate it to landscape it’s alright. But still not as good as having an actual app.

Another fault with this device is that it doesn’t come with a camera launcher despite it having a albeit, not very good front facing camera, but you can easily download a free camera launcher in the play store by searching for nexus 7, camera

My other favorite apps are: Pattrn, an amazing wallpaper/pattern stash that updates regularly.

Any Do: an alternative to astrid task that provide large sized widgets rather than the standard 2×2 or 2×4 apps that you’d find not made specifically for the tablet.

My initial thoughts on the device is of a good one!
another feature that had me confused for a bit last night was the portrait/landscape mode unlock/lock. When you receive the device, it’s on locked to portrait mode. If you want to use landscape, you have to go to the notification bar and unlock the small lock, and hence you’ll be able to adjust between the two. This is actually a really useful feature if you like to read stuff while lying down.

Battery life: apparently with heavy usage it’s around 9 hours or so… I am not sure but so far the battery life has been pretty good, wifi is left on at home all the time and I haven’t seen any great diminished battery life.

TL:DR I would recommend this tablet for any android-user already! If you’ve never used an android device before it’s also a good one to start with because it’s a lot easier to use than the previous android versions.

The price is excellent so you aren’t committing too much, the 7 inch tablet size fits well in my hand is really good on the go.

there’s also this new feature of google now, here’s an intro video, whatever it is…at least it looks nice

ive decided not to post my ugly unboxing video, instead here’s a montage


  • Becca says:

    at 199 it’s rather irresistable… but how do you feel about the size? seems like it’s just slightly bigger than the galaxy note :T

    • emma says:

      its like the size of a kindle which is a decent size…
      i like it because it is smaller
      rumors that they will release a nexus tablet in a 10 inch size, will buy another one if it’s the case
      but the portability on this is better

      • Becca says:

        this makes me wish more tablets existed when we were going through school.. no need to take laptops and lug those around all day when you can just carry a tablet!

  • Becca says:


  • winn says:

    I want one but I need to find a reason to get one… :x It seems like it will be useful for my end of year trip?

  • Lolo says:

    Congratulations on the new phone! It looks pretty awesome~
    I agree with you on the sturdiness….I haven’t owned anything other than HTC products, however, but they have been very good despite my carelessness~

    Have fun with your new phone!!!

  • Hazel says:

    I got a Blackberry Playbook as a gift a few months back and though I’m grateful to the person who gave it, I really wish it was a Nexus mini. The app store on the Playbook lacks support and leaves much to be desired. I like the small size of the Nexus too!

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