I saw this movie on the weekend and it was really good. It was funny, poignant and beautifully shot. The soundtrack is also ass kicking.

The title of the movie means to be popular romantically. And basically for our protagonist, it means to get to sleep with a lot of girls, although he only really interacts with two girls in the whole movie. The main character, Yukiyo, starts off in the movie completely down on his luck. He’s job-less, girlfriend-less and leads a pretty shit life. He decides to change his life for the better and get a job and perhaps the rest will follow.

He meets Nagasawa Masami’s character, Miyuki, on twitter and he falls for her very hard, even though he later finds out that she has a live-in boyfriend. Yukiyo also meets Miyuki’s friend, Rumiko, and Rumiko falls for Yukiyo hard but he doesn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings.

In short, it is a romantic comedy, although the ending is pretty unrealistic and kind of ruins all of his character building. Because to be honest, the way it ends is kind of impossible…


two awesome gifs after the cut too.


  • Jenna says:

    Apparently, there’s a drama version as well! It looks fun to watch, but endings make or break the film. Would you recommend watching anyway…? XD

    • emma says:

      yep i am recommending it!
      i haven’t seen the drama but i do know that it’s the same dude that’s in it

  • f says:

    I’ve only watched the drama, and I don’t think I liked it. He’s the kind of character who wallows in self-pity, doesn’t do anything to develop himself and blames his pitfalls on the environment/people around him rather than his own inaction… and he was so entitled! I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS SHOW :( I’m definitely not a “boot straps” girl, but geez, Yukiyo. GEEZ

    But I’m going to watch the movie, probably. The good sort of outweighed the bad… just barely.

    • emma says:

      yeah i agree
      the worst part about this character was how he treated someone that DID sincerely like him.

      It was pretty bad and it made me really hate his character also the ending was really wtf

      he’s a typical otaku / hikkikomori type that can’t get out of a hole that they sort of dug for themselves…

      and he does complain a lot (on twitter) but it was kind of relate-able so i couldn’t hate it 100%

      also weird dance sequence featuring PERFUME

  • Maria says:

    Hm, the premise of this seems interesting enough. I don’t watch any dramas so I haven’t heard of it XD but I’m intrigued now. I will have to add this to my watch list.

    also, LOL @ those gifs hah whaaaat

  • Amelia says:

    I want to see this movie after that first gif. It looks quite good.

  • Jaimie says:

    I know you from Lev’s blog. Hi. I’ve read your blog off and on for a while and saw what happened with the Columbia thing. I’m really sorry. I honestly was surprised — I thought you would be a shoo-in. Not that I know much about how they make those decisions. I just thought, “She seems smart, creative, spunky; she’d make a great journalist.”

    But smarts, creativity and spunk could make a great lot of things.

    I am sorry. I applied to teach English in China and then later in Japan and got rejected twice, one at the last minute (my Visa was denied to China on a fluke), so I know the feeling of dreaming about something and then having to quickly reassess and reevaluate. I hope that one day I will get over to somewhere in Asia. I love Asia.

    Hang in there!

    • emma says:

      hey jaimie! thanks a lot! yeah to be honest i was surprised too but also slightly relieved…

      i got rejected for JET and I know how big of a hassle it is to get a visa for china (despite the fact that i’m born there). i hope you’ll get to go to asia soon! i’m not going to lie, it’s really really fun (but also really really annoying at times) and the energy is addictive!


    • Jaimie says:

      Yeah, it was JET I applied for. One day.

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