Love Actually

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i kept thinking that i’ve never seen this movie when i have! i have!
many times but i could never recall the plot for some odd reason

so the other night i watched it again….
and i loved the houses and the apartments!

i love this apartment so much…

i’ve read somewhere that as a writer it is very important not to fantasize about this “writer’s life style” that one must lead to become a writer.. i definitely agree with it because everyone has different habits but it’s hard to not romanticize the writing life style when colin firth is writing in a cozy navy sweater on a little cottage somewhere in france..

for xmas this year i would like a type writer, not the new ones, an old one…that makes that clinking sound and a bell to congratulate you when you’ve finished a line


  • z says:

    I want a typewriter too. A little red one that has its own briefcase.

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