done and done!


my application for journalism school? yeah that’s done
this is done tooo!

now for some of the innards

here are some tips that i have accumulated…

1) buy the tool thingy, it’s like $3, it is very useful
2) do not poke overly large holes, it wrecks part of the fabric but its usually ok
3) measure, measure, measure, this i didn’t do so much of
4) do the bottom first then work your way up, also, do the back of the shoe before you do the front, so basically most inner corner to the top
5) if it looks like you wrecked a pair of converse, it’s ok, just keep going, the fabric scrunches up because you added all those studs onto it

yeah it looks kinda scary on the inside huh? do i bleed while i walk? no, you just gota use some force and push the sides all the way into the stud so that when you run your finger over it, it doesn’t prick or will cause pain as you walk…

i didn’t do the inside because im tired….

but i might or i might not because it’s easier to walk this way.. also will wear a lot before i add anything just because the fabric is so stiff right now

if you are googling how to do this and came about this post feel free to ask me questions because i couldnt’ find any good blog entries that showed people how to do this.


  • jayne says:

    This is beautiful – great tutorial!

  • Bianca says:


  • Bianca says:

    oh and good luk on the application!

  • Leanne says:

    Good luck on the application!

    Shoes look awesome!

  • Jen says:

    Damn these came out pro!

  • Lorik says:

    I’ve already said it before, but they are SOOOO nice. GOOD JOB!!!

  • tiff says:

    This is…hot! Can I buy it off of you? Lol :P

  • z says:

    awesome. these look great :D

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