the kills and bands whose names i dont know

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saw the kills last night..+ 2 opening acts
i dont know the name of the first band
the second act was Eleanor Friedberger…

my friends really hated Eleanor, they were so pissed that she wouldn’t stop playing..haha
when she just got on stage i thought it was Zooey Deschanel

but then again i was quite a distance from the stage and it was …just flashing lights everywhere
the kills were really good, Allison was really amazing, as was Jamie.

i felt sick for the majority of the beginning which was bad…but i think this is the only legit ‘rock’ show i’ve been to. most bands that i see aren’t really “rock”…

I still wish i knew more songs though but they did play The Last Goodbye, and a lot of the new album which was really good because the new album is amazing and the only album that i knew well. Not that I would really say but for me from their four (?) albums I like the newest the best.

the leopard background was really cool with the lighting and everything. i only got some phone pictures to show you b/c i didnt bring a camera but glad that i didn’t, i was so tired and was just generally feeling not well.

I think I would like to see them again, …. her voice is kind of amazing…

i described her as ‘hauntingly beautiful’ to someone once and then i felt like a douchebag after but it’s true.

pictures after the cut (the four crappy shots that i managed to get)

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