end of an era


i went to a warehouse sale yesterday, the aritizia warehouse sale….! i hate warehouse sales because my god, what is going on? and i can never find anything good EVER! im not super patient and you really have to be there for like half the day.
i went with my friend who left for T.O. yesterday, sad sad.

i got one dress, one pair of jeans, one hat, and one top, dress and shirt you’ll see sometime later..probably haha

i scored these Acne jeans for $40!!!!! i dont have anything that’s a perfect light blue wash, so i was very excited. It’s kinda awkward because the zipper is at the back but i think i’ll get used to it…

and this super cute hat :D

my webcam is super low quality, probably shoots in like VGA or something..but anyways…

the dress is SO PRETTY TOO! the whole point of having a nice dress is the element of surprise when you wear it. sadly i dont have anywhere to wear it to…

anyways, i’m leaving next week..

i’m technically on vacation from monday from my job, that’s what i told them..well today probably will be my last shift FOREVER. I don’t care what i’m doing in the future but i cannot work for them any longer. i cannot believe that i’ve been at this crappy job for five years. the job just kept on getting worse!

i didn’t even want to go to today’s shift but you know what, i’m some what responsible and i don’t want to be someone like that so i will go to my shift.

well i guess what really describes my state is this song by Bishop Allen called Middle Management

the end is near! the end better be near…



  • Lorik says:

    I’ve never been to a warehouse sale T___T Those pants look awesome…I can’t wait to see everything else!
    The hat suits you!! I am not used to wear a hat so I feel so self conscious when I do! MEHH~

  • Amelia says:

    That hat looks awesome on you!

    I am so jelly of your acne jeans… when I went to Sweden I couldn’t find my size ;_; but one day *shakes fists*

    ‘sadly i dont have anywhere to wear it to…’ YET! Be an Optimus Prime please!

    And congratulations on leaving your job – life’s too short to be stuck doing things you don’t like.

    And this comment is all over the place, no?

  • z says:

    You don’t have to have a place to wear a dress.. you can just wear it anywhere and any time so long as you feel awesome in it :D

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