I have allergies, man it freaking sucks because i feel moody all the time, maybe I shouldn’t blame the allergies maybe I am just moody all the time.

Sometimes I think I blog too much, but I really have nothing to do. I use to feel kind of embarrassed when people say things like “you still work at ____” and “so you’re not doing..anything?” -insert pity look- The thing is, I really don’t feel embarrassed about it, am I beyond hope? I sure hope not but at the same time, what can I do, there’s no point in defending myself over something like this. Also it’s not a competition, there’s no prize when you secure a mortgage and I am still eating pizza by the slice, okay?


listening to a lot of lykke li because! i hate not knowing lyrics at shows.. it bloooody sucks

what i did today:


I think the list is missing some, but nevertheless, it took some time to organize, if you are bored on the internet, peruse the list of links and see what interests you?

Finished reading through of the first draft, hmm, is it weird if I think its okay? I know that writers are suppose to hate their own work, like a lot, and like kill themselves over it, but I feel okay, Maybe this isn’t a good sign…but i’m also not a writer…

this is what i’m planning to do soon ( written on the back of an receipt! )

if anything, my book, it is a FAST read, you can probably polish it off in like 1 hr… ? I wrote it for months, savor it won’t you?! (cries) just kidding…

I also read something else (HA!) good today.

Ten rules for writing Fiction

part one / part two

Philip Pullman’s was my favorite

My main rule is to say no to things like this, which tempt me away from my proper work.

what a riot…!

I also went to the doctor’s today, while waiting, i was playing with my phone, someone stood beside me and began to read his copy of Life of Pi, even though I had a long wait I couldn’t pull out my copy and read along with him, it felt toooo awkward. He looked like a high school student, I know it’s mandatory reading for highschool, why didn’t I read it in high school? Ah wells.

I really want to work on le novel but i dont know…..maybe I’ll read the 2 part article again..


  • f says:

    listening to a lot of lykke li because! i hate not knowing lyrics at shows.. it bloooody sucks
    That was me at John Legend’s show at my university. :( I still enjoyed it a lot, but I was like, “gosh… I really don’t know the words to a lot of these songs!”

  • Lorik says:

    LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__________^ so cute~
    I can’t wait till I get to read your book!! I always get so excited about things like this!
    Also, I love Life of Pi <3

  • Bianca says:

    need to update the link that is me :D but i feel honored to be included. I’m back to my lurking self ;D hope all is well fiction wise…

    and yes knowing lyrics are a must im surprised how well i did at phoenix show many months ago because i did not study before hand, and for yeasayer i was like screw it…the concert suxxxed anyways :P

  • jayjayne says:

    Made it on the list – so I feel super honored.


    The lyrics thing is super awkward – I was at a Angus & Julia Stone concert and I literally only knew two of their songs. OY VEY.

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