Lykke Li! show!


there’s multimedia in this post, VIDEOS! I TOOK VIDEOS! omfg i can’t believe it either.

I had a hard time at this show because the right side of my mouth was numb and my gums were swollen from growth of annoying wisdom tooth, it was slightly too cold in the theater but other than that it was great! Because, there were seats, so i waited while sitting, the seats allowed me to have personal space, no one bumped into me, blew smoke into my face or spilled drinks on me, the floor was sticky, SO STICKY, what is on the floor..

the opening act lady, i wanted to stand for her but i sat down instead, for some of it, i stood for the other part

she said her name twice but i didn’t catch it either time, it’s either Gran or Bran..

(i wasn’t far from the stage, a few rows back and away from the mosh pit, but the zoom on my camera isn’t great)

Opening bit: I was thinking that I should video the entire song but man, my arm gets tired fast

I didn’t know that much about her, in fact when the opening act came on I thought it was her, yeah, not the ever but she was great, adorable! I really liked her ‘dancing’, it was unique and she fully used the props around her, lots of drumming and playing with the black pieces of cloth that descended from heaven. Interesting wardrobe choice too, pants are always overrated.

really cool light effects..

but at one point… i started having a headache from the light

and she sang into a megaphone!

went with rebecca, twas fun, we had hot drinks after because it was freeeezing.

a few more pics after the cut


  • f says:

    I don’t know who she is (WOMP but I think my brother listens to some of her stuff… maybe), but your pictures are excellent

  • Aimee says:

    Nice pictures. It looks like she puts on a good show. I’ve never thought Lykke Li was mosh worthy, but I bet live is a lot different then the album.

  • jayjayne says:

    WHATWHAT – looks like a super concert – and I’ve been to an epilepsy-inducing one before and it was absolutely insane!

    Sexy pictures!

  • Amelia says:

    You’re so lucky!

  • Becca says:

    too bad your tooth was giving you troubles :/ it was fun! we should go to more concerts :)

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