CHILDISH GAMBINO / donald glover tonight


i always write about my concert going experiences right after simply because, yeah i remember shit. Most of the time, i get home at 2 or 3 and is completely wasted, but i had a rum and coke and a gin and tonic, no ice, and it was so watered down…i feel nothing right now. also because it’s only 11:45 PM also because i have so much bragging to do i have to get an early start on it.

i hope he doesn’t have google alerts set on his name, because it’s kind of creepy / embarrassing.

always stuck at a weird area…. ALWAYS stuck behind some tall guy, ALWAYS stuck near the kids that smoke weed.

More general pics HERE, more of the UNIQUE aspects of the show after the cut, if you’re planning to see it, I guess don’t ruin it for yourself?

OK now for the story.

So my friend and I weren’t really close to the stage, because she’s too cool to be too close to the stage. Of course she is too cool, she was at Coachella a few days ago and she had VIP tickets, dammit =_= … anyways.

so, annoying douchey guys in front of us kept smoking pot, this happened at Phoenix too but he was thrown out right away. The guy that was behind us works at the GAP right above where I work, and his friend KIND of looks like SEN! Kind of that is, after closer inspection, less so, but he had a badass tattoo.

So after the show we hung out, because we BOTH had this weird 6th sense that we were going to meet him, after 20 minutes we got bored and hungry and decided to leave because we obviously WEREn’t going to meet him. So she wanted a drink at starbucks so we went there, there’s wi-fi there so I started tweeting at Donald, my phone, remember is ASIAN so it doesn’t have..3G..

so he didn’t reply obviously but a KIND STRANGER told me he was chilling behind the alley, NATURALLY WE WENT!

So a while back, one very depressed night, Z and I were listening to Cul de sac and I was pissed off about my novel not going anywhere but I was feeling better because of Cul de sac so I tweeted at him and he sent me a DM! YES INTERNET FAME!!!

And today so we were hanging out in the alley and I showed him the tweet and some how he remembered who I was my blog! SO yes, you’re reading a Donald Glover aPPROVED blog.

And he asked me if I had tumblr and he wrote my tumblr address on his hand.. SO RIGHT NOW, my tumblr address is written on his HAND somewhere in sharpie.. yup… are you jelly? I know you jelly.

yeah no biggie, NO BIGGIE.

I look like shit, but we must not forget the fact that I’m standing next to Donald Glover. And I think this is the first time that my friend thought highly of me… hahahaha, yes!

and he signed my ticket!! :D

This blog has done so much for me, SO MUCH!

IF you’re planning on going, you definitely should, it’s stand up + music which i thought was just music! Lots of head banging which i always appreciate, great show donald, thank you! :D


  • zoraida says:

    OOMGGGGGGGGG! i’m so happy for you right now :D
    this is great :D :D :D

  • Amelia says:

    Officially words fail me, that’s amazing!

  • f says:


    This is so cool!

  • Jen says:

    Sweeeeeeeet! I seriously hope you had one of those awesomeass url stickers to give him ;___;

    I really wish DG had been Joel’s opening act when I saw his show a few years ago right before Community started ;_;

    OMG he did not draw a heart!? Hahahah thats awesome xD

    • emma says:

      I was seriously going to bring him one
      but i didnt o_o
      even though i “knew” that i was going to meet him i didn’t think i actually would
      dammit wish i had though lol

      oh wells next time…

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