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hurhur, inside joke

didnt choose this color on purpose, the gray and the brown was sold out ! So this is what I got, and I think I’m more satisfied with it than I think. It’s so fast now….

So glad I don’t have to wait 3 to 5 minutes to load photoshop anymore~~ although the colors are bit different. The keyboard may be a bit TOO shiny, the speakers weren’t as good as my old laptop and only 2 USB drives but these I could easily get use to. SOOO FASTTTT

This is our family’s fourth Toshiba laptop! :D

And i’m so glad that I bought that external HDD when I did. It was a BREEZE to move everything over, I pretty much already have everything that I need, including things like bookmarks! Thank goodness for Chrome’s easy to export Bookmarks. :D :D No need to lose anything, the transition was so smooth.

We really did have some good times, brought you to China, brought you to Japan, been with me to a lot of places, been dropped a few times, but still stuck around. Thanks =)

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