Past and Present, 1855, 1901


What do you mean you dont want to see me and want to see Phoenix pictures?

there’s way too many pictures to edit for tonight, so here I’ll briefly go through what happeneddd tonighttttt! and maybe you’ll stick around and read it.

I’m not even going to name the opening band because this means someone talked about them. They weren’t bad, but I was so bored, yawning and standing and waiting for phoenix. I had a drink, a blue, blueberry drink called VEX, it was good but while I was listening to the opening band I became sleepy…

About 8:45 PM (started waiting around 6:30) phoenix came on! Opened with Lizstomania followed by (I think) Lasso and then I do not remember anything after that. I hate crowds, and I hate concert going crowds, I’m always, aLWAYS stuck behind some ridiculously tall person. of course it is the case this time, but I had enough energy and courage to push further to the front. Yes, I do know that’s not very good etiquette but I WANT TO SEE THOMAS!

Anyways, played more songs, the lighting was amazing, they had those crazy beam lights that i’ve seen at Dragonette before. But the stage is twice as large as Dragonette’s stage so the lights didnt stand out as much, but amazing lighting, the lighting for the opening band caused seizures, I had to stare at the ground for the most part.

thomas left the stage, the band continued to play Love in the sunset pt 2? The part without vocals….

Thomas came back! Sang more songs that I knew :D and danced around cutely and awkwardly.. im not going to lie, by this point i’m so exhausted and because I was sweating so much my hair smells like all the chemicals from last night (when I dyed my hair to a darker shade of black) and people are elbowing…me…

but it got more exciting, more dance-able songs came on, annoying couple kept making out next to me. Made me uncomfortable and want to smack them for taking so much of my personal space.. eventually got out of the hell hole.

the band left the stage, came back on after only 5 minutes of screaming Phoenix!….! thanks for not making us wait. Played at least 5 more songs…

sang an acoustic song in English and French….very romantic lighting, my friend said she fell for him and that she liked his ensemble (black shirt and pants…! with brown shoes and belt!)

then then then…

closed with 1901 or now that I think about it, maybe Run Run Run?

The venue darkened, the band continued to play, Thomas left the stage, we all assumed he’s done and the band’s just closing..but but but!!!!
this is probably the most exciting ending i’ve EVER SEEN!

Suddenly a microphone wire appeared out of nowhere, through the crowd from the stage. thomas ran to the back of the crowd and started singing within all of us. Naturally we all tried to get closer to him, I had to survive the wave, i hate the wave, i hate it, i hate it, i kept hoping that I wouldn’t die at a place like this..
or if i did, Phoenix better come and play …(at my _ _ _ _ _ _ _)!

People lifted him up and crowd-surfed him to the stage, i got a picture of his leg that i’ll post later and my friend was able to touch his leg. HAHA lucky …

more screaming ensued…
Thomas was super cool, thanked everyone, finished off the song and we all said goodbye.

amazing, i almost collapsed while leaving, there was no energy left in my legs, my entire right leg is bruised because i kept getting kicked. My hair and (new!) shirt is soaked through…

my leather jacket which I had to carry throughout the whole show …(it’s pretty cold outside) has never seen so much action before! I’m surprised I didn’t lose everything in my pockets…

left the show, glad to have my jacket, cold cold cold, and now here i am


amazing, hope to see phoenix again! will try to post pictures sooon! but i dont know when i’ll have the time


  • Zoraida says:

    AHHHHH. I’m jealous your friend got to touch Thomas’ leg hahaha but it’s all good! At least she got to touch him! I sound crazy.

    I’m glad you had fun! Even though people are freaky and rude. That’s just so weird that people would stop and make out … ew.

    I like your blouse!

  • Amanda says:

    oh maaaaan. You’re always making me suuper duper jealous of the bands you get to see! I wish they would tour here, that would be ahh-maaaazzzing! Grrr. I wanna see Thomas pics, PROOF PLEASE!

    Your post with all the crowd, buzzy, excitement details reminds me how much i miss going to a huge concert of a band i love, and getting riiight to the front (cos i’m a bitch like that too). It’s a very diff experience on the other side of that fence…

  • Bianca says:

    I saw Phoenix last fall and they were A-MAZING, great band live, total cuties, great stage presence. And thomas stage dived sooo yeah I can totally understand that you has an amazing time..:D

  • Leanne says:

    Ahhh so awesome! Have been listening to their newest album since you posted about them. You have fully converted me! I’m going to a music festival that they’re playing at next year so I’m pretty excited! :D

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