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LOOOK, omfg, how long have I been waiting for it to be hot enough to wear this cute romper? FOREVER, it’s finally summer here, July 6th I’ve been waiting for you.

they are doing construction a few houses down from mine, and, even with all the yelling and noise, i am still able to sleep till 1 PM every single day, ah summer…

I went to the library today, the really really big one, my plan originally was to get a book and seriously sit down and read. Unfortunately, some weirdo kept following me around the library so I hid and duck and found myself here…!

MANGA! if summer isn’t about eating sticky Popsicles and reading manga/comic books, what else is it about?

Clazziquai Project – Tell yourself

I was having a pretty boring day till I randomly heard this Clazziquai Project song on somebody’s tumblr!! i think it totally made my day.

Someone left these weird box people stickers in a book, and they are minee nowww ;) What a lucky day….


  • Zoraida says:

    LOL I didn’t know that fuckyeahigavein was your tumblr so when I saw the first photo on tumblr I kind of screamed… *late to the party*

    Cuuuuute romper! I love the flowery pattern ;D

  • tracee says:

    it’s super hot this week. but it is perfect weather to wear cute summer clothing, of course! :)

    haha for me, summer is about lying on my bedroom floor reading novels and manga too ! no popsicles though ..

  • Veronica says:

    20 degrees!!! Man that is COLD! *winkwink*

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