try to feel a little bit


Sometimes, you’re stuck in the mundane..
the city that you live in
the people around you
the life that you lead
take a second to act mysterious.

that helps.

try to feel like a Parisian woman that has a million problems but she’ll just shrug and say something wise like, if I don’t let problems affect me are they problems still? Champagne si’l vous plait

that helps.

today’s that day for me.

Coeur de Pirate all day everyday!

what are you waiting for?

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Take a chance you stupid ho.

still an anthem in 2014.

front row


therapy for free



i made my previous post private because i’m an idiot!

Also Happy American Thanksgiving 2014!

Limbo, this is a word that came up quite a few times in my head today, and yesterday…

We were talking about airports and how airports make you feel like that you’re in limbo, set aside from the rest of the world, waiting to begin…

That’s one of the reasons that I sort of love airport (but in actuality i hate them)… i never feel stressed out while i am at an airport, except for that time i almost missed a flight and I cried and everything was okay because I cried.

Anyways, when i’m at an airport I’m in limbo. I never have to worry about anything because there’s nothing that I can do. hey, I can’t solve your problem, or my problem, yet, I am at an airport waiting to board. And being in the air, without wi-fi (can’t afford wi-fi), without others, with a book or a movie or a season of Anthony Bourdain puts everything out of perspective.

Sometimes I look around the plane and I think, if we were to die these are the people that I am going to die with.

Dammit, I need to stop thinking like that.

I’ve been pretty good at making decisions lately. I made the decision to go home after I graduate (well, this one is really up in the air and it all depends on well, all the factors)…this decision isn’t cowardly nor is it brave. It is one that I made considering how I feel, how I’ve felt for the past few months and how I think I’ll feel knowing how I normally feel about strange places. So, that’s that..Is it giving up? Sort of. It’s also making a very conscious choice that I cannot comment on whether it will be good or bad…

Yes, I want it ALL.

I also decided, TODAY, on the subject of my first tattoo. Which is really ironic because it displays the opposite affections towards my previous decision..i wanted to get a teeth marked on my body. Because it is to represent that I am biting down and not letting go… maybe it is about work, maybe it is about other stuff, I don’t know yet.

I am contradicting myself left and right. The teeth should represent how badass i am also how much I want to succeed in my field. But I haven’t been working hard at all.

I guess all that I am doing is worrying and complaining about the unnecessary.

I do really feel like I’m in limbo, but aren’t we all?

I hate the feeling of not knowing where I’ll end up…but then again nobody knows what tomorrow will hold, or next year.

It really is too early to say.


well, you know, holidays, makes you think of family and what not and then you think too much and everything feels hazy.




cazals for a monday morning!
i hope they’ll put out a new album sometime eventually.
French bands make the best english alternative?

nevermind, first of all, they’re English, second they disbanded in 2009.



Selah Sue ft. childish gambino