book online now!


it took me a couple of days but the full book is available here! Please pass it around to your friends if you’ve enjoyed it :D

edit: if you want, you can purchase the book directly through the printer here. $3.93 is how much it costs to print the book. I make no profit whatsoever from this printing. the only reason I was hesitant to put up the link was the shipping price, the shipping price makes the book a lot less affordable….. but in case you were interested. The print version is a much more cleaned up version of the online one, so, yeah.

i want my name in balllooonss

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over winter break my boyfriend got me giant balloons in my name! It was a super lovely gift, also something that i thought could act as a cool personal image for my website/portfolio. We took a billion photos, and here are some that I like :D






the book’s here!





An actual title will give you high hopes

I received two copies of it yesterday! I am so excited that it turned out so well on such an affordable price! I haven’t decided if I wanted to make it for sale yet. I probably do. But it’s also a project for my portfolio….

But if you want to read it, the full book is available here. Edit: apparently you can’t make the book available for preview unless you plan to sell it and at the moment I can’t sell it. So I’ll put up a PDF later!

I want to make it available for sale but I don’t know how to price it and stuff like that! Also it is my dream to have one of my books published by a REAL publisher. Because I really want to go on a book tour (it’s like a musical tour minus the talent and the instruments). I know it’s very ambitious to dream like that but I hate not to …dream.


<3 I will definitely put up a link for sale on amazon when it gets to that stage (I say that because it’s an option available …)

Please share this with your friends (especially if you have publishing friends *__* ) if you enjoyed it! :D

as if!


ugh, best move of our life time.
I’m doing a presentation on why that is, video soon to come, hopefully.

this me



today was not a good day, the sad thing is that today is not over yet

there was no source, so if this is by you LMK <3

pretty, good


Ikea – Beds from 750mph on Vimeo.

I don’t post many advertisements on my main blog. I like this one though.